Please no more stories on white middle class unemployed people.

I’m not getting why ever few months a story comes on television or news radio dealing with middle class white people dealing with being unemployed? It’s now just beginning to be somewhat racist. I mean you see one African American and Spanish American for every thirty whites. You rarely see any Middle Eastern people or Asians at all in the mix of those who have to find a way to survive these tough times. So what we’re doing is now is just feeding into these individuals shallowness now. You hear talk about how much they once made and how now it’s embarrassing to working a minimum wage job paying ten dollars an hour. First off depending where they live they caught a break because Virginia and Missouri minimum wage is under ten, so getting ten dollars looks like a come up there and many other places as well. We hear all that talk and never hear anyone ask any tough questions at all to truly put things in perspective. What we do get from the person giving us the story is how these is one the first time those at the top, or close to it, of the totem pole have been affected so drastically. 

 That is where the problem really lies doesn’t it? We’ve become so focused on who got caught up in the storm and haven’t yet put a logical spin on it at all. As the unemployed brags on how they once made sixty to seventy sometimes eighty thousands a year they seem to miss the biggest point. If cut backs have to be made to save money who’s going to go first the guy on the first floor making under twenty thousand a year or the big boys upstairs? It’s business, and no one has yet to put the numbers out there to these people. Then comes the part that those people who got cut and the jobs that are no longer in demand are the ones that about two decades ago were in high demand. What happened there is a case of corporate keep up with the Jones. Some person held a position at major company and did remarkable work and increased the earnings tremendously. So what happened, every company got their own person for those positions. So much so that positions that once held multiple responsibilities have now become a thing where each responsibility had one person for that job. Again while we listen to these people whine about being unemployed and they can’t get the jobs they once had we never hear anyone ask why. Why is it so hard to get back in the world again really? One reason is because some people only knew how to do that one thing. We’re seeing it with these new college kids as well, they know how to do the job they got the degree in and not much else. It’s why those who still are working are multi tasking now. Yeah they hate it but the fact they KNOW how to do other things have become an asset for them. Now I know that piece of logic doesn’t qualify for everyone but it does for most of them. I mean at one point a persons assistant had an assistant at jobs.

 Another thing that has happened over the last twenty years is the  lost art of coming up  the ladder aspect of working. A lot of these people complaining came in to the work force midway never having to start at the bottom at all. That’s sounds cool and it even is why people take certain classes and do all the extra stuff they do in college. But again it also becomes a mixed blessing because people have no idea what to do now at lower paying jobs. It’s why we see these college kids are just hanging out at home. Make no mistake they can and will get a job somewhere before the average person who has been unemployed just as long, but those kids want to have their first job be the midway stuff. So should we keep putting stories of these people on air without asking them the hard questions to get a better picture of why they are where they are?


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