The Tea Party Movement seem to be selective protesters

I watching something one morning and some lady talked about of course the health care bill was one major step toward socialism and having our freedom taken. After she said that some guy asked about the Patriot Act and how our as Americans phones were tapped and emails were hacked into and asked where was the major right protest on that? The paused for a few seconds and proceeded to stay on the “Obama care” rant but the topic had shift just that quick.

 So how is it these people who have come together for the freedom of all American citizens didn’t come forward back then? I’ve heard some Tea Party go as far back to Jimmy Carters administration. So skip all the republican presidents and focus on the democratic ones is the key with them I guess. I haven’t heard anything about the Supreme Court ruling on campaigns being funded by corporations being protested by The Tea Party Movement at all. I have heard many in the movement be totally against “career politicians” as seen in these primaries across the country. Then we have the contradiction because John McCain is being backed by not just Sarah Palin but The Tea Party Movement. So is it really out with the old or is it out with those who we feel failed us?

 I’m all for not having big government and getting these old timers out of D.C., it should be do your term and pass the baton. I also know the theory of big government is to take of those who can’t take of themselves and some communities to states have benefited from having the same representatives for decades. I’m not against being selective on who and what to protest against but I am against not being consistent. You’re against something cool be against it but if Obama loses re-election and the new president feels following and continuing what Obama did because it was working please keep protesting. Because even though it doesn’t look like it those who were anti – Bush are gunning for Obama too because he kept some of the same people around or have continued to keep some of the policies Bush put in place. If The Tea Party Movement is willing to be the true to their movement like that, going against whoever is in office I’m sure no one will disagree with their views as much.


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