P&L World Cup weekend

This past weekend I was downtown and The Power & Light District showed the American and Mexican World Cup games. Saturday was America and all you saw were white people huddled inside the open space watching the game outside. People were flooding the bars and more people were coming in the opening minutes. There were various radio station vans and all kind of other stuff going on, now there also was an art gallery going last weekend downtown as well. I mean there were a few bands it really kinda looked like an event may have been going on as well. Now Sunday Mexico played against Argentina. It wasn’t a big ass deal I guess, no radio station vans or bands playing at all. Now I know it was also a Sunday, things aren’t the same on Sundays at all in general. But there were a gang of Mexicans showing love and support for their country. I was happy to see the city and P&L even played fair by showing the Mexican game like they did for the U.S.

 The problem seem to be those who didn’t either expect that turn out or that P&L would even do the same thing for the Mexican team and people in the city. I got there during the last few minutes of the first half and stayed halfway until the game was over. I saw white people complaining about the noise (chants of Mexico and some stuff in spainsh as well as something kids were blowing in). I saw people joking on the little kids who had their country’s colors painted on the side of their faces as if Americans don’t do face paint for their favorite teams. Two ladies actually joked about how this would be a big bust for immigration. I did talk to an older white lady who husband or maybe date (he left and she talked to me for like twenty minutes before going inside a place to get a beer) about how the guy didn’t feel comfortable or safe and thought it was a mistake to go there that day. I mean you would have thought Saturday didn’t even happen at all the way people watched the Mexicans support their team. Trust me Saturday you could hear “U.S.A” blocks down the street from P&L. The crowd wasn’t even as big as the day before and things were beyond peaceful. I joked on a guy who had an Argentina jersey on and he told me he was Greek his wife was Argentinean. I even had an older couple and their grandson explain soccer to me as they told me who was the Kobe of the Mexican team. If I could engage with people and have a nice time just killing time how is it those other people couldn’t? The World Cup like The Olympics are supposed to bring the world together, I guess bringing a city together is a bigger challenge.


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