Cities need to invest in the inner city.

It seems a lot of people are now looking at how the lack of investing in education is now going to be the biggest reason for this country’s downfall. Which I’ve address that very subject a few times agreeing with what people are saying, we do need to do something about the education to pointing out times have changed (to me) keep a certain group down because we are a country build social class segregation. The inner cities no longer have entrepreneurial options outside of hair shops, car shops, music studios and hustling. The average corner store is owned by someone from overseas who wasn’t born here and who might have one local person from the block working there maybe. One thing is for certain those people who are owners of those corner stores are teaching those workers the proper way to go about opening their own spot. There aren’t a lot of inner city restaurants, coffee shops, florist shops, bakeries, hardware and appliance stores and cleaners. The ones that you see have been there for decades and if they don’t get bought out somehow they will be shut down at some point.

 Yes education plays a part of people not having the understanding to handle running a business but the sad reality is you have to be good with numbers and a sense of business savy to be a successful hustler. So then things come down to opportunity, and that is what is really not in these inner cities across the country. When someone does get a good education and comes back to an area that desperately needs local businesses to generate money there are so many road blocks they find in front of them. They find out that the city may not allow certain kinds of businesses in those areas. Thus speaking of Kansas City now is why Troost has a gang of empty shops. That along with the fact banks don’t work with those looking to open a spot in the hood, or it could be that’s the case for African Americans because I know a few places have opened here there owned by Africans. Then there is the fact of land being bought up by outside entities so buildings get torn down and what could have been a source of employment even if to just maybe five to seven people is now gone. So while I agree things have to start with education things also have to equally be placed in the hand of locals opening local businesses. Because just like every college graduate isn’t going to be working in the career they spent years getting a degree in everybody isn’t going to luck up and get that off the interstate high paying job or some office spot. So when you have a business in the community you also have a chance to give people who may not have that chance anywhere else a job. From there they grown within that business to either get promoted or become an apprentice and get the skills to go out and try their hand at opening their own place in the community, because that is how things worked before in every neighborhood no matter the race. Maybe cities should invest in inner city building themselves up through local businesses. Better education in the inner city is just a strong necessary start to bigger dilemma


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