BP is full of shit

So I just found out that BP is willing to pay small businesses some money to cover six months of lost revenue in exchange for giving up the right to sue them. Now I peek here and there at this BP oil spill fiasco every once in awhile (one reason is because I feel gay as hell watching Anderson Cooper in those tight ass black shirts) and between the counts of how long this is still going on and the fact not much else gets talked about in the news I again just kept my distance. But since it’s the week after the 4th all I heard anywhere I turned was how much businesses lost. Somewhere someone asked a guy would he opt out of suing BP and take the money that they (BP) is offering? I take the guy was thinking about taking the money and with good reason the lady interviewing the guy threw out a very logical thought. She brought up the fact that if he took the money and this continued to still go as far as his business not making money is concerned then what would he do?

 I feel bad for these people not just the business owners but those who live in the area because there isn’t a lot of anything really happening good there right now. Some people are still trying to get back on their feet after Katrina and now this… What makes things worst is how BP is so busy trying to look good with the dude who hasn’t been in Louisiana for like a decade acting like he’s one with the people. What is good it the fact that the cities and I figure states have started running their own ads to bring business back to those areas that have been come financially damaged because of this oil spill. To truly want to help these area money shouldn’t be an issue nor should investing in those places and putting ads out and coming up with ways to help them regain what stability they once had, even if they decide to do the six months pay off.


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