Death of Mom and Pop stores

I’m not sure when it really became a thing for a city to allow local businesses to be destroyed and replace by these heartless corporate chains. Never mind I do once all the locally owned pharmacies fell victim to Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreen. This whole post comes from the fact while on Main Street in Kansas City I noticed more and more local shops have been closed down. Everything on Main seems to be going other than the wine/liquor store, that won’t go anywhere at all.

 I feel even worst because the local shops here were all that this city had in my opinion that made KC feel like a city. From the restaurants to the comic book shops, key making place, record stores, coffee shops, clothing shops and those health nut shops. That to me is what really makes P&L really suck because not only are there no locally owned bars there even within a few blocks of the area local shops can’t be found. It’s as if the local businesses aren’t even given a chance to be part of the growth of this city.

 It’s even harder to get a local store in malls now anywhere and if you do it has now become a sign that mall isn’t doing well. What I don’t understand is these mom and pop places are truly what represents a city, the unique element from the owners to the workers and the feel of the place embodies the vibe of the city.  So now every city has the same hundred or so stores and those stores end up having a standard of what their employees should look like and that leaves people without a job, and that comes back to the economy doesn’t it? Yes local shops have that same idea but the difference is your chance to work at a local is greater in big cites. We know it is true, sad to sad it but the guy or girl at the locally owned pizza shop or clothing store might not make at too many other places. Plus to even be considered a big city someone has placed the thought that having the same big name chains make you a major player for businesses to come to as well as people to live and raise their families. We’ve come to notice local mom and pop shops are now in small towns and when your city wants a major league sports team or want to host a NCAA tournament it looks better having those chains.

 So now those stores are closed on Main and I mean it’s like one or two stores are open a few blocks from the Plaza to P&L. When I first got here on Main across from Westport there was a comic book spot, some record store, a key place, Pizza Hut, a bank, something upstairs like a bar with a live band, some thing that ended up turning into a club called The Embassy and Osco’s which was a pharmacy. All that is left out of all that is Pizza Hut, the comic book and the key making place. Further down the street are just empty lots of what once was there from a car wash place to apartments. Again the liquor store is still standing. On Broadway it truly isn’t anything too much now after you pass Walgreen’s, and I spoke about Troost before so you know how that it is. It’s as if the places the Plaza/Westport crowd doesn’t embrace are the targets of being whipped out. It’s sad that Kansas city is defined by people who are quick to tell you that didn’t enjoy time at other big cities because of the busyness, diversity (I’ve heard people complain about the West coast and the Mexican problem there), and a different perspective of what community is. Trust me it isn’t just Kansas City killing there local shops, everywhere you go nowadays they’re doing the same thing it’s just sad because some of these places have been here (KC) for decades and to say that the make over this city is getting doesn’t include local businesses is beyond wrong.


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