No more mail on Saturdays

The U.S. Postal Service big wigs will get together and say they to save and make money prices will go up and Saturday service will be cut. Not I’m someone who doesn’t remember when there was a time when Saturday wasn’t on the day of service list, so it will be weird to not see mail come on that day if things go there. The price thing is just a sign of the times. I know the Postal Service has just written off regular mail do to the web, but no one seemed to jump on the “No Weigh” thing for mailing packages. Now if you’re not making money now how will raising the prices help? One thing really has hurt the Postal Service is the way stamps have went up two or three times in five years. The price hike will make companies raise their prices to compensate for money spent making shipping & handling a bit more. I’m for a day being cut as long as it doesn’t lead to another one down the line being cut but maybe the Postal Service needs to find a way work within the 21st Century

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