Eternia & Moss At Last


With Hip Hop being so poppy and trendy one would think if you gave out a description such as white, Canadian, female and rapper you know what to expect to hear. The list describing Eternia almost writes itself as to what kind of songs you’d end up hearing… Almost. Eternia is a throwback to world long ago gone, the 90’s, when females got respect because they could spit.

 First let me get this out the way right now, if there is a flaw of the album it is the fact the beats and flow delivery remain the same the whole way through. Eternia touches on many different topics but she spits the same way throughout the album. I thought I was listening to Canibus first album with the track about his mom her being pregnant with him again. But those to me are the only missteps, I wish I could come across more newer artist with that being my ONLY complaint. While on the topic of newer artist, this doesn’t sound like shit that’s poppin today.

 As soon as “Any Man” comes in after the intro it is evident Eternia can spit and is this will not be the typical female rapper we’ve heard in the last five to ten years. Eternia spends the first four tracks showcasing she is truly worth the web buzz while sharing the spotlight with guests such as Joell Ortiz on “It’s Funny” and the ill and very nostalgic “The BBQ” that features obvious influences Lady Of Rage and Rah Digga. The other two tracks that hold other MCs who came through to help solidify just how real she (Eternia) is the title track “At Last” which sounds like some 90’s posse cut with Term and Reef The Lost Cauze and the next track “ Day In The Life” with Tona and Maestro Fresh Wes. I like the splash she gives before the next song comes on.

 I do respect the fact that Eternia does give you more than combat rhymes. She gets real deep touching on things from domestic violence and a sexual assault, I take it to be a bit more sincere than when Em touched on those subjects. The song “The Future” is my favorite non battle bravado track at this point. Again her delivery becomes repetitive but the fact she is willing to expand her content and give listeners a few different looks earns respect from me. 

 We need more of this and less of what radio, BET, MTV and pop mainstream would rather play from a female in Hip Hop. I’m sure she could have went a different route because being a female MC gets you nowhere just ask Jean Grae who should be on everybody list as one the illest MCs man or woman. I feel Eternia can find her self in that same conversation amongst those who still keep their ear open for real Hip Hop.


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