Feist: The Reminder

the remi

It was 2007 and I heard this odd song that was in some cell phone commercial. That song was “1,2,3,4”. Even stranger was the fact I thought that Regina Spector and Feist were the same person since she (Regina Specter) had a song on an ad that was everywhere and annoying as fuck too. I like both artists by the way but the songs used for the commercials weren’t what I fucked with. So then I saw the “Moon My Man” video and really was like this chick is out there. I loved “Limit To Your Love” and figured that was on her previous album since that song and the two I knew of were so different. Shit I was blown away when I found she was the singer of all three song, it was a cool/curious vibe to it all. Once I got the album its funny how all that turned to a nice healthy dose of respect.

 “1,2,3,4” is the first song so I really wanted to skipped but once it goes off and “Brandy Alexander” comes in it seems like a perfect way too start an album. (still trying to find a reason why I like the song a bit more now) For some reason going back to “Moon My Man” and “1,2,3,4” I just figured a crazy ass album was going to be the result, but it is such a strong solid album.  I have grown to like the mix of odd songs popping in and out with the more serious songs. “How My Heart Behaves” plays like the theme songs to so many who have been hurt and somewhat fight to fall in love again. Feist delivers a few different looks throughout The Reminder like the acoustic driven “The Park” even the birds chirping and breezing feel of the song feels right as if you’re outside listening to someone pass the time doing what they love. “Sea Loin Woman” is different as it starts off really churchy/ techno-ish, then the guitar riff during the hook gives it a rock musical number feel you’d see in those off beat 70’s and 80’s crazy ass movie musicals. Hell I still have no idea what she is talking about but I do find myself humming The Jeffersons theme song while the clapping is going on.  “So Sorry” is good and sounds as if it might have been used on television somewhere.

 The Reminder has some timeless moments and it shows how just a few years ago artists were trying to balance between getting pop exposure and still be true to themselves. The Reminder throws so many styles of music at you as it fuses some together and it works really well. The more I listen to the album as well as Feist other work I see her like so many other artist who make similar music are just totally expressing themselves and we as listeners are privileged to witness it.

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