NAACP vs. The Tea Party Movement

The NAACP has stated that The Tea Party Movement has racist elements within it. Now to the Tea Party people quickly responded stating that The NAACP themselves are racist. This is really a weird back and fourth given the fact The NAACP really wasn’t out front in the media during the White House rally that went on or the things that went on during the voting process for the health care bill. If there was a time to make a powerful statement it would have been then, instead they waited till this convention here in Kansas City to make that claim.

  The problem isn’t so much the racist people within the Tea Party Movement but the fact that the movement is slightly defending those individuals. I mean if they (Tea Partiers) just admitted that there are those who are bringing a racist attitude to the party and there is something going on to try and tone it down if not completely stop it I think people would be understanding about this whole situation We all know that there is racial overtones within the movement that’s not new at all, but pointing that finger back at The NAACP isn’t going to do much for anyone.

  As for the NAACP being racist well it is somewhat true. Not so much as in a “fuck them crackers” kind of way but in a blame game kind of way. The slightest mainstream issue that can be guided towards racism does go down that road with the NAACP. Every city has a poor spot filled with black people and those spots until something happens that catches the attention of the media goes ignored by The NAACP just as well as local government.  I mean the fact that you can hear members of The NAACP saying stuff about how Obama isn’t doing enough for the black community in itself is a bit racist, the man is the President of The United States not just of blacks or people of color. Again there are local issues that should be addressed and I’m hoping that is the case while everyone is coming to KC to speak and do the meet and greet thing. Maybe what The NAACP should be doing instead of calling out a group that seems bent on going against any and everything Obama is doing is help start and be part of a group of independents and democrats to balance out what is going on with The Tea Party Movement. I’ve said it before I don’t agree with what their about but I do admire the fact that people have come together and are dictating these congressional primaries and ultimately the outcome this fall.


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