Arizona says that those streetlight cams are unconstitutional?

So the little camera on top of streetlights that flashes when people are speeding and or running the through the red light has been considered by Arizona as unconstitutional. Some conservative claims it infringes on peoples privacy and it is only used to make money. I do agree with second half but if that’s the argument when does it end? I mean you can go down the line of things people find themselves paying the city for in the form of fines and say its just part of the city getting money. How streetlight cams get by and this immigration law has to actually go to court, as it is and has had its first hearing this week, is mind blowing. I get that Arizona is a red state but this is too much. So it is unconstitutional to photograph people breaking the law in their vehicles by way of speeding as opposed to being of Mexican descent and being stop for say speeding and then having to prove you are in fact an American citizen?  Ironically Arizona is the first state to eliminate the cameras is also the first state to implement them. I guess having something be considered a “cash cow” is more important than having something considered racial profiling.


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