KC Cuurents 7 – 26-10

Again I caught the last 15 minutes of a KC Currents show on KCUR and I had to go and download the entire show to hear what was going on. It was as usual a great show. It talked about the Negro League stamps, which I had to work so I didn’t go to see the ceremony that took place at down on 18th and Vine the same week the NAACP were out here. The show also spoke about unemployment among teens and the Fringe Festival that I wanted to go to until I found out I had to pay for each event, I had to let that go because I would had spent a shit load of money just in one area. Again I like the show as I always do. It’s Thursday and I’m really thinking now I should have just sucked it and spent the paper, well next weekend The Pitch has a music showcase and from I see I get all my Hip Hop from The Riot Room. Back top the show you can listen or download it here as well as check out other episodes.

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