Double standard of promoting music

So while uploading Blax Soul on this blog yesterday I thought about submitting the mixtape and beat cd to other blogs. With that said I thought I would go to a blog I’ve been checking out for a little over a year and check out where to submit my music. The owner of the Blog I went to has a label and a roster of artists himself so he also is going through the strenuous task of getting his artist exposure and knows woes that comes with it. What I found intriguing and kind of pissed me off was the “suggested” dos and don’ts on how to submit your music to the site.

 After reading these “suggested” requirements you realize being a blogger willing to take music from artists looking for some sort of exposure is like being a small label thrust into a bigger and better situation. Meaning when you know how much trouble one goes through to get from point A to B you would think you as now the site in this case taking music from artists would make it easier for people going through the same thing, that isn’t the case at all. Now I understand no one can sit around and listen to all the music submitted to them all day every day and of course you even want to make that exercise easier on yourself as the blogger.  Me personally I think someone would at the least put the effort to inform people you’ve gotten the submission and will check when they can, again more so this blogger because he has been and may be still going through the same process.

 The don’ts part was probably part where I really became pissed and confused really. Now the blogger says don’t send stuff to his personal email which is totally understandable and in my opinion if they (artist submitting music) did do that they were too lazy to really look around the site to find where to submit the music. A part where I didn’t agree with is the don’t hit me up on twitter or facebook with links to your music and videosthing that was said. Now again as a blogger and head of a label the guy knows the importance of promoting online anywhere and anytime possible and getting a fan base to follow your movement. I have to be honest I hate seeing tweets and facebook status filled with “download my new mixtape here” as much as the next man but being an artist myself I respect it. Somehow this is shunned upon by this blogger who if your following his tweets and updates his facebook you get what he is doing label or site wise. So how does such a double standard get by? Well because as artists looking for exposure no one ever wants to make waves against someone who can place their music in front of many potential downloaders’ of your music.

 Now with all that said I’m going to take time and think about even submitting my music to the blog.  One reason is because like I said I’ve check the blog out for awhile and have myself downloaded artists trying to get some shine and yeah I liked some stuff and found some stuff just not in a fit of what I run with. I know I’ve downloaded stuff and many other people have to and again it’s a helping hand aspect that counts. On a personal not (to myself) I do need to get things in order. I will be working on Soul Of Art and getting more music done on my end. I haven’t really been on my grind music why mainly because when it comes to that “real” Hip Hop you have to hunt down the audience to even begin to present your music to them. Then comes the part of them taking the time to listen, again I’m a real example of not checking for music because of names and looks. I know that is really petty it’s also how people are because names and a picture is all a potential listener can go by. So again yeah all criticisms aside I most likely would be putting forth the movie mixtape and beat cd to the site. I’ll update you when and if it makes the blog.


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