Kenya new abortion law

Kenya is set to bring forth a bill to Parliament that will allow abortion beyond the current reason being the health and welfare of the mother. This debate started back in 08’ by a group of activist. Many suspect the bill will not be passed once it reaches Parliament anyway, but line are drawn between those for and those against. Kenya has had an abortion law in effect since the late 1800’s , more accurate 1897, where as if found guilty having had an abortion you get fourteen years in prison of a felony crime and attempting to have an abortion leads to seven years in prison.

There are studies that show women like in many countries across the world are having these backstreet hack job abortions anyway and many women lose their lives in the process. This law in some minds can and will save many wives lives This is one reason why there are groups looking to loosen the law a bit because if women are still going to go through the trouble of having it why not let it be in a safe medically sufficient environment? Of course religion comes into play as well as just the sheer thought of outrage when you think of a future mother wanting to kill her baby. What has become crazy is the fact that American Christian missionaries have thrown their hat in this debate. This becomes a theme in Africa no matter the country you go to, American Christians helping enforce their rightwing beliefs in African countries. I’m not saying Kenya Parliament won’t pass the new law due to pressures of religion from the Kenyan people themselves, I am saying an outside presence does make things worst no matter which side of the debate they stand on. The fact that Parliament is made up of a more men than women makes it a real test for the new law to be passed in general. In any event Kenya is looking to reshape the abortion in a lighter manner the only other country in Africa that has done such a thing is South Africa. That shows just how strongly people everywhere are against abortion not just in America.


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