The fight against Obama Care is all Obamas fault

So proposition C passed here in Missouri, Prop C is the state going against “Obama Care”.  Word has it Okalahoma, Florida and Arizona will also be voting on whether or not states want “Obama Care” Last week the state of Virginia fought against the health care bill also claiming they had a health care bill of their own, that will just go to a higher court. Now I’m from Va. and I know I could call, text and email many people from the state whether from where I’m from or Northern Va. to Roanoke and not many people will know there was some health care bill in the state before last week. Many states that are against the bill are claiming similar things but most of the people in those states never knew there was or is a bill on the books.

 Now I didn’t do any fact finding research for this post at all because it’s not really needed for this. Why, well because I think if Obama really wanted to make an argument for his health care bill he should’ve started at the bottom of the toadum pole instead up the middle to upper middle. The same way he (Obama) tapped into to real world situation that happens to people everyday when he spoke about how his mother constantly was fighting with her insurance company about what they will and won’t pay for. That story touched people all over and no matter what type of media outlet that you listen to had people telling similar stories and that humanized the bill. Outside of that moment everything else has been ran by the opposition. If Obama would have made the argument focus on those who are ultimately prisoners of employment insurance that would have really tapped on peoples conscience. Many people stay at their job because their health or someone in their family can’t wait for the ninety day probation period. Not to mention what if that jobs carrier doesn’t cover the needs of that person? So people stay at their current job for no real reason but the insurance, we all know at least one person in that boat. That didn’t happen so things got lost, yeah the bill passed but we as a country are seeing that “the people” are against it.

 Here is what I mean, I have a homie who has three kids the oldest is just eleven. He lost his coverage because business is slow where he works and he didn’t have the mandatory hours to keep the insurance. Now it’s bad that he lost his coverage but now he wonders and asked me if and when he gets his hours does the his coverage pick up where it left off or does he have to wait and re-register? I told him ask someone in human resources or read the handbook he got if he still had it, because I know I throw any books I get from my job in a box so if I need to read something later I know where they are. Still that situation happens to a lot of people and Obama never brought that up. I mean parts of the bill is about not being able to afford it and or not liking the coverage your job is giving so why not bring those kinds of situations up? So now a man, working man at that, has his three children and wife as well as himself uninsured and he is not alone at all. This happens all the time, the thing is we as a country tent to downplay it as something low wage blue collar people go through as if their lives aren’t important. So instead of focusing on non college kids under twenty-six and more on people with kids working hard to support a family who are on the verge losing their coverage would have really made things more human.

 Obama Care has been billed as welfare and we all know how the word association game goes with welfare. Welfare means urban, uneducated, black, people of color, lazy and many other things negative to more so a group of people in a certain area. What makes it worst is pharmacies and hospitals are beginning if not already have rejected Medicare plans. So that means if you choose to go with the government option you may still be left out to dry. Again even the part of the bill where you can choose to get with actual insurance company at a cheaper rate got lost in the mix. Now of course it is as of now more theory, but the way someone put it me was it’s like those old Progressive ads where you saw rates and compared them to figure out what you wanted. Which is a really great idea if you make a certain yearly salary, but what if you’re the working poor? The Republicans definitely aren’t going to let that fact ever come up and Democrats haven’t said whether or not the working poor has a chance at the better insurance companies at all either. If Obama would have pointed out that the lower wage people have just as much at stake in the bill as the parents of college students people no matter the race, location or party line would have felt like the bill spoke to them. Because my homie I spoke about loves to state he’s a republican and he’s white and he still finds himself against Obama Care because he’s not sure it will help him at all. Again Obama should have really focused on EVERYONE, which is why as you know I’m not really feeling these tours across the country he does either.

 This bill will go through hell and if, a very big if, Obama gets re-elected the bill will end up being put on hold due to states going to court to fight against them. The thing is if states like Virginia went through the time to make a similar bill to keep the federal governments hand out of the state they should have a site or something people can look at and compare the two bills. Obama Care if given time to grow will be beneficial in the long run, the next generation will not know how we ever got along with out the bill. If anything stop fighting the bill and fight parts of the bill that seem unconstitutional. The Democrats voted for this bill but have yet to really fight for it at all. If democrats let people know this bill is better for everyone no matter their wage, location and marital status things would be better.


One thought on “The fight against Obama Care is all Obamas fault

  1. What I don’t get is where did they get the “brilliant”<–(sarcasm) idea to fine people who can't afford to pay for their insurance? How could they not have understood the bad logic in that? Are they really that ignorant to think everyone can afford insurance? What are they doing in politics?

    They would have been better off going the route of Europe where everyone has insurance regardless taken by taxes.

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