Feeling like a kid again

superman comic

I like most men loved comics and comic book character cartoons, I think any male in the 90’s no matter their age if they saw Batman The Animated Series they got hook on the show. I was no different I watched it all the X-Men, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman even those odd short lived Fantastic Four, Iron-Man and Incredible Hulk cartoons on some channel. And many people loved Justice League and Justice League Unlimited on Cartoon Network. I’ve been able to catch a few episodes of Batman The Bold And Brave, but I like the show. Then there are all these movies based on Comic Books. I’ve watched them all this decade, even Daredevil and Catwoman, I know I’m not the only one.

Well while watching the WB DCU movie Justice League: The New Frontier I saw in the bonus section something about The Blackest Night. Just watching that little sneak peek preview I felt I had to really check it out. I also realized I hadn’t read comics in a long fucking time, I found out Batman, J’onn the Martian Manhunter, Blue Beetle, Super Boy, Firestorm (the first one, yeah I didn’t there were two), Green Arrow, Green Lantern and a whole lot of people had died. So with that new information I started going to the two comic book places I thought seem cooler out of the three in my area to try to catch up on things. I found out I was really behind and turned to the net. From there I ran across sites that let you read some of the books and I became hooked all over again. I felt like I was seven or eight at my aunts’ house sitting on the floor getting my favorite heroes books and putting them in order so I could just go in chronologic order and enjoy the read. She is really the reason I love comic books anyway, she had boxes full of comic books. I mean I was young and didn’t get that there was more than one Robin so seeing him with the Teen Titians and then with Batman but looking different was mind blowing to me. I watched the complexity of The X – Men grow from how it seemed like every dude at the Xavier school wanted to get with Jean Grey. I loved and on the real was bit scared of the Spider-Man books dealing with Venom and was one of those people disappointed at Spider-Man 3 because it failed using such a scary ass villain.

Anyway back to the last year of me and my hunt for trying to catch up with things. So I started to cheat and I downloaded a torrent of The Justice League Of America v3 which had stuff from the late 90’s to 06. From there I just started getting mad comics like that, I know I’m a bastard hate me on your free time please, so I read everything up to the Blackest Night. I saw what happened to Batman and found myself shocked and for a fraction of a second sad seeing Superman holding his body at the end of Finial Crisis six: How To Murder Earth. I was totally lost though and still have no idea what is going on in Final Crisis seven: New Heaven, New Earth, I mean a vampire comes out of know where the world is in a machine? Right now I’ve started ordering the Blackest Night books from Amazon. Not sure if I can afford to get everything I saw on a checklist and I really do feel bad for doing the torrent thing but if it gets to expensive I will go that route, again while not doing anything particularly interesting with you time go ahead and hate me.

I did also get the whole Civil War thing from Marvel too. Now I realized why people love Deadpool comics so much. After reading that whole thing I started getting more Deadpool stuff and I see where all the whining was about when they saw the Wolverine movie. Like I said I stopped reading comics years ago. The death of Captain America wasn’t a blow to me like Batman mainly because I always thought Cap was corny as hell. It was like our patriotism makes him somebody to cheer for. Again, it felt good seeing heroes I grew up reading and watching grow and have lives like real people. All the heroes from both DC and Marvel have gotten married, had kids, lost loved ones and even lost their lives. I mean I never noticed how bloody comics have gotten until this last year. People are getting raped, shot, necks broken, stabbed and just whole section of cities to cities being blown up. It brings a realness to the comics and it definitely makes the villains that much scarier. Joker killing a Robin really threw me off but it made Batman a much better read.

I will be behind everyone who is a real comic book fan and as much as I want to know what happened to who and how things will go for heroes and villains I’m staying a way from blogs and fan sites. I also know I’m not that behind The Brightest Day started in April and I have the Blackest Night comics just not the other comics that intertwine with it. I know I need to get those too to have a better sense of what I’m reading but still I’m not that behind so it’s cool.

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