Remember Late Registration by Kanye West?

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Ok, it’s like this, I was going through my old stash of CDs and came across Late Registration Kanye West second album. I remember in 05 the night we, me and then girlfriend, caught the CD on sale at Target for $9.99. Like I’ve said before I’ve gotten mad Def Jam shit from Target for that price, I’m not sure if it’s a Def Jam thing or an East Coast thing. I bought a lot of CDs while out here, some I don’t want to even think of why I copped it like Ying Yang Twins CD for one? Anyway I figured why not play the joint and flashback five years.

 It’s crazy to me how the songs I was feeling then are just not that hot to me now. The first night I rocked the CD it was with my then girlfriend and we were rolling down the street in my mind slow as fuck. “Heard Em Say” is still just brilliant in my mind. The way Ye weaved through so many subjects and aspects of life in two verses was just ill. What has become my new favorite since last night is “Gone” featuring Cam’ron and Consequence. I always loved the way Ye freaked the Otis Redding sample but now I just found myself listening to lyrics. I was always captured by the beat but I never noticed Cam manhandled that beat. I’m not that big Cam fan so hearing that verse now I’m wondering if I check all his old shit will it be this ill in 2010?  As dope as the song is it shouldn’t have had a fourth verse at all. But that is what makes me like this CD even more now, it’s like a celebration of making it big. Even with “Crack Music” its so well thought then comes some experimental shit around the end that I could do without. I can’t front though it’s still all fits. I mean Kanye was on a real creative high just listening to “Roses” you feel the pure genuine vibe of how one would feel as a star in a hospital concerned about a love ones health and the shit that he goes through .Then there is the fateful collaboration with Jamie Foxx who recreates a Ray Charles hook for “Gold Diggers”. Again it was just good timing, Ray came out and Ye dropped this song as the first single. Shit worked out for both men.

 What I wasn’t feeling and still kind of not big on is the guess heavy album aspect. I remember telling a dude he should have went the (Dr.) Dre. route and called a compilation. That was then, now I just think too many guess are on here. The one song that still makes me go nuts is the one and done Common track “My Way Home”. I was really waiting to get Be after hearing that shit. Then there is the fact Hova killed the remix to “Diamond” which odd as hell shows up before the actual song and even crazier “We Major” comes in after the remix because Hov and Nas were still on some not really talking shit then. Nas did ok but it was verse where you were to think you were getting a peek in the mind of Mr. Jones as far as how should bring it on this song, so in that fashion it’s dope.

 I feel bad and sad saying this but I still hate “Hey Mama”. I mean the first time I heard the song I thought it was just corny as hell. Even now I just can’t get the connection to take the song serious at all. Then there is a song I remember talking to mad heads back home about, it was how Paul Wall kills shit and proved it on “Drive Slow”. Now the song isn’t worth a second listen at all to me. And “Touch The Sky” is cool but Lupe still doesn’t impress me with that verse. I’m still buggin how in 2005 he threw a Thundercat metaphor out there? I mean the song is tight but it’s not as ill to me at all today. I do however like and can listen to “Late” all day, not for the verse but that beat is just too sick.

 If you never got you hands on Late Registration you should because it has some timeless moments on there. Like I said Kanye was still finding himself, leaving one style and adventuring into another one. For real Hip Hop heads this is his best album on some pure shit, others may not even remember when Ye was on his traditional Hip Hop shit. The Kanye today and this meshes together good because you see how progressive the man and how he seems to be one step ahead of the game in some aspects. Get this if you can trust me you’ll love it.


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