Rwanda Presidential election results


Rwanda had its second election since the deadly civil war/ genocide that happened in 94’ on Monday. The results were announced on August 11th. Rwanda had re-elected President Paul Kagame because more Rwandans feel he has kept things from falling apart and slipping back into what was the key elements to what started the genocide in the beginning. That reason is the fact that Kagame is a Tutsi which are the poor minorities of Rwanda. The fact he, Kagame, was elected President in 2000 showed that things have changed.

 Now of course there will be controversy with any election but with Rwanda it becomes a thing of the smallest whisper of wrong doing could cause a war. The other candidates were Higiro Prosper, Jean Damascene Ntawukuliryayo and Alvera Mukabaramba and they felt it would be a fair election. Now there were some beheadings and murders of people who seem to really go up against the current administration. Even with that people of Rwanda again feel Kagame is the best man for the job because all it takes is for someone to become President and then bring in those who have been in exile from Rwanda things will go back to being filled with hatred. As of now things are looking good, people get along money is being and Rwanda is a model not only Africa looks to as an example of what time, change and forgiveness can bring but the world is taking notes. I would like to think no foul play when into the re-election of Kagme but who knows? Some say the three other candidates weren’t credible opponents to even run for president. This however is coming from those outside of Rwanda more than from those within the country it self. meaning as of now the people of Rwanda of ok with Kagame still being President.


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