Farewell to At The Movies

siskel and ebert

Well This weekend will be the last show for the long running At The Movies television show that reviewed movies. I’m more upset that this is going off the air because it was what really set the standard for movie review shows. The fault this shows demise falls squarely on the shoulders of those at Disney, who owns the show. They went through some major changes a few years back to cater to a younger audience who wouldn’t have watched the show anyway. The show had two guys during the first half of the season just standing in front of a counter with laptops and they did these Entertainment tonight, Hollywood Access, The Insider type split screen quick sound bytes about a movie. That didn’t work so the two movie critics went back to the traditional sitting down and truly taking time to talk about the movie. 

 The thing about At The Movies was it was never really intended for a younger audience at all. It was the kind of show you grew into, you became a critic yourself so would want to know what the pros thought and wanted to see if you thought the same thing. By time I got into the show Siskel  was still there. I watched because it was getting viewpoints of people who knew cinematic history. I wasn’t a hater of the new guy that was brought in, he too knew films. It’s sad that after Robert Ebert had his stroke and never came back the show really lost its steam. There was a point where they had directors and other critics to be a guest critic (?). That was cute for a few shows, I liked seeing Kevin Smith because he knew movies and he was kinda funny and you got to see Roeper lighter side.

 At The Movie could’ve gone on for years if Disney would have just let show be what it was supposed to. To think a show that started out on PBS and became an ABC main stay that came on on the weekends at crazy ass times but it still had viewers who tuned in to see the opinions of two respected movie critics even if you disagreed with them.  Farewell to one of the last good shows on television. Who knows maybe someone who loved the show will go online with a version of the show. 

 On a light and odd note, I have to say the pic I picked to use has Ebert looking like a chick. Some nerdy broad at a library… Sad to see the show crumble like it did.


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