States looking to go a bit further than Arizona with their version of the immigration bill

So Virginia says they have plans to come with a bill that is even more extreme than the one Arizona has. Now some county said they implemented this bill and crime went down in the area. Now as soon that interview went by another guy said the bill wasn’t the reason for drop of crime, yeah it was like some comedy scene. It’s sad that it seem as they claim the target is illegal immigrants it’s really Spanish people. I know in Arizona an Asian group joined the Spanish and African America because people there understand all minorities are a target.

 With so much of this going on it actually is a smart move by the Republicans really. I mean you now put the burden of coming to the aid of the illegal immigrants on Obama shoulders. If he doesn’t put up some kind of decent fight he and the Democrats stand to lose the Latino vote, if he does fight that plays into the hands of those who hate already hate, The Tea Party Movement, pissed off Independents and those who are unemployed and have fed into the theory that those immigrants are taking American jobs. That is what it really boils down to isn’t it? Jobs aren’t out there and the thought is illegal immigrants have them. The problem with that is those same people against Obama and now are talking about jobs seem to have forgotten he had an idea for all this. He plan was to not only do something about the workers but the places that hired them. Yeah while we as a country continue to hate the immigrants for “taking American jobs” we still continue overlook the bigger contributor, the people who hire them.

 Back the crime thing, I’m saddened that now our country has somehow merged what is going on in Mexico with these illegal immigrants. Yes some are drug dealers and killers but most are parents looking to support their children and give them a better life. Now I’m all for stopping illegal immigrants from coming here and deporting back to Mexico too, but to try and scare people into wanting these racist bills is just ridiculous. Plus like I said we’re only targeting Mexicans or people who are south of the boarder, has anyone heard anything about Russians, Asians or Africans?

 Florida, Virginia and a few other states, I know the guy who helped come up with the bill in Arizona was around in Kansas at some point. All red states and all seeming to have a immigration problem, it get put in the text like these people are ants or roaches sometimes, and something needs to be done about it. But if so then what? I mean I heard a politician talk about how illegals are because in Mexico they’d be making four dollars a day, here most make seven something an hour. So with our current unemployment issue who will once we (hypothetically speaking of course) push illegal immigrants back to Mexico or further up to Canada will do those low paying jobs? I mean we hear how people college students rather move back in with their parents than get a low paying job so their not going to apply. A person who made seventy thousand a year isn’t going to get a job that will barely make twenty thousand a year will they? The work has to be done or the business will shut down and what American citizens were there will now joint the ranks of the unemployed. It’s one reason why both parties have been so half ass about ending illegal immigration, because it has become vital to our economy. It’s cheap labor, you don’t have to worry about feeling forced to raise your wages if like that politician claimed people are going from four bucks a day to seven bucks and hour. This is really nothing more than another cosmetic debate that as I said really put our president in a odd position, not those who are fighting for these bills. For now Obama has ground to stand on and ethics in his corner because to just stop a person because you suspect them to be an illegal immigrant is racial profiling and people of color know that feeling too well not to feel some sense of sympathy for those of Spanish descent. Even if we as African Americans feel the same as whites about immigrants being here illegally they know something is wrong about these bills.


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