1776 all female cast in KC

Here in Kansas City there will be a play running, that play is 1776. What seems to be the big deal of this play is the fact that it is an all female cast. That’s right a play about the Declaration of Independence which we all know all the participants were white men will have females. Now I’m now sure if any women of color are part of the play but the way I heard it, by mid way through the play you’ll forget they are women because you will be so deep into the story. I could see that happening and now for male manliness coming into play, I might not be able to just over look that if the women are hot. I know I’m wrong but it happens, I saw a dance recital a few months back and the ladies who played the dark clouds were sexy ass hell, I loved the night fall scene so so much.

 Back to the play and how this really isn’t the idea of not having what you would usually see isn’t that new. I for one am all for the best actors and actress getting the part. With that said I can honestly say I’ve never seen Othello with a black actor except for the old footage of James Earl Jones playing him. Yes all the Othello’s I’ve seen were all white and one I think one Mexican guy. Yes the plays were still good but the fact that Shakespeare wrote Othello to be black does stick out. Now of course you can overlook it because I’m pretty sure, could be wrong who knows, but white men back in Shakespeare day played Othello. That was then though today it’s hard to believe there are no black actors out there to play the lead? Luckily the men just went in and played the role as is, none of that black face B.S.  Then Comes West Side Story, another play I’ve never personal seen with the correct ethnic group playing the role. I know that was a bit of a knock on the film the fact Natalie Wood played Maria but there was get her name in the flick. I’ve seen that play with blonds all over the stage, pale skin blondes by the way, and still in the end of the day the show was good. I mean you get past who is playing the role and admire the acting if the people playing the role are a perfect fit.

 I think plays are always looking for something new to do, I mean Sherk is a play now as well as Young Frankenstein which was too pricey for my pockets to even try to check out. Now I’m not some play buff, but I do like to go every once in a blue for a change of pace. I always find it beautiful how local plays because of local actors do not make any apologies for who gets what role for certain plays. I feel that brings people together really. Take The Color Purple for example, in some areas where it is majority white and they felt they could do the play the cast will be all white, the story can be and one would like to hope will speak to people because of the people they see on stage. Now of course I’m reaching with that example but you never know, in the next five to ten years local area with majority of white actors may tackle it because it’s a good play…. Again I’m reaching to make my point. That point is 1776 may be a good play not because it’s an all female cast but because the females deserve the roles they got. Me I’m going to check the prices out since it’s at Crown Center it’s close so why not try to check it out?


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