Funny How Money change the situation

Remember those southern states that rejected Obama stimulus plan? Well those governors that were really outspoken about not wanting to take the money have now given in and are taking the money. It’s being done with all the media focus that came when they were standing their ground.  Now those states are behind in a lot ways because of that but the money is still there for them and most states will be using that money for unemployment of course, the other thing republicans seem to be totally against.

It makes no sense for governors to be so outspoken against the stimulus bill for political reasons when the people of those states really could have used the money. I know people don’t want handouts of any kind but if you can use the money to pay bills and feed your family get it the money. Texas South Carolina and Georgia are three of the states who governors now are wanting to use the stimulus money for the people   I guess this is the part where the government is listening to the people.

One thought on “Funny How Money change the situation

  1. Those southern state appear to do things ass backwards while its people continue to suffer. What point at are they trying to make? Maybe they’re holding grudges stemming back to the days of the confederacy. Hmmm….just something to ponder over. Great blog:)

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