Democrats are not good dirty fighters at all

Michigan had an interesting weekend politically with trying to figure out who came up with the idea of have The Tea Party be an actual political party.  They had more than the required number of signatures to become a third party on the November ballot in Michigan, the problem comes when people found out no one part of Michigan’s Tea Party had anything to do with such a move. Some say it was a Democrat ploy to split votes for the Republican candidates in Michigan.

It’s sad how when  first hearing Democrats had a hand in this I couldn’t even believe it at all, it just doesn’t sound like something the Democrats even have the guts to do. But a Democratic politician in Oakland Michigan who things traced back to retired over the weekend that made a believer. Add that to the fact the most of the signatures were from people who weren’t from the state and of people not old enough to even vote. We all know you can’t out hustle a hustler and this trick was picked off before things could even pass the signature petition part to become a third party. First off we all know The Tea Party made it clear they didn’t want to be a third party, they are for the most part republicans and are for voting for candidates who follow the constitution. Not sure if whoever thought doing such a shady trick realized it will only make the thought of The Tea Party Movement being a major factor this fall even stronger.

What were the Democrats thinking? The Democrats are like boy and girl scouts even though I know a republican would be proud to say they were one as a kid, but what I mean is they seem to play by the rules. Even when you see attacking ads from the Democrats it never seems bad when you compare it to an ad by the Republicans. Again if Democrats want to combat the Tea Party Movement they need to encourage people who believe in what Democrats believe in to come together and voice their opinion loud for all the hear like The Tea party has been doing for two years, if not then they just have to deal with all that comes with being the target of the Tea Party.  Pulling such a corny trick makes it look as if the Democrats are desperate to find a way to cut into the link of The Tea Party and Republicans. This will be a crazy fall and this might just be the start of crazy things to come, September is right around the corner.

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