Banks finding new ways to get your money

So many banks across this country were and may be charging as much as thirty-five dollars as an over draft fee. So now what might happen is that all those charges that banks waved to lure you towards dealing with that bank will now most likely come back. Trust me there are all kinds of fees a bank can charge, I know people who to this day don’t check their balance online because it costs. It’s a shame to check your balance or do online banking will cost you, you have to pay money from your account to check on your account online? Some banks are even looking if they can get away with it charge you for going to ATMs, that are part of your bank.

 This is getting ridiculous really. The thing is the people who will get hurt the most are the people who barely keep the minimum amount in their bank. I heard Bank Of America no longer has the twenty-five dollar minimum account anymore, again I heard that not sure if its true. I know my bank had a four hundred dollar limit with a twenty dollar deduction and month for not having that in your account. What people don’t understand especially low income people is banks aren’t really concerned about your accounts. Those charges won’t affect or may not even hurt those with high paying jobs. This is just the newest way to cause some kind of debt, hell some people still rather have a bank credit card than a debit because no one has taken the time to educate people about the difference between credit and debt. So college student and other young adults who go in to start an account aren’t really told about that difference or the difference between checking and saving. I know people who treat their savings like a checking and again no one in the bank has taken to time to tell them the best alternatives at all. Banks have been coming away looking back for years and this is before the bailouts. Now with all these new charges it seems as if their taking more out of your account and pissing you off as they do it, but we need banks and we to need to save all the money we can..


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