Damn Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

I’m all for coincidences and even though I know I shouldn’t defend Glenn Beck on this I can say maybe just maybe while planning his Restoring Honor thing Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t in his mind at all. Now coming back to my senses I have to say when he or someone for him marked this Saturday to have such event take place in DC on the Lincoln Memorial that someone else should have checked, not necessarily should have known, to see if anything on that day important for this country happened. Well maybe someone did and Beck thought it would either be more significant to have his event take place on the same day as the civil rights march and the “I Have A Dream” speech, or that it would get a lot of people talking and bring more people to the even that may not have went as well as much media coverage. The guy did say something about it being an event that even has something to do with civil rights? Restoring Honor is supposed to be an event in support of our women and men who serve in the military, I don’t doubt that it isn’t again I doubt that is the sole purpose of the event. We all know if it was truly for our people in military he could have pushed it back the fourth of September, I would have said the eleventh but that would have too much but the week before might have been fine, or last Saturday would have been fine.  

Beck claimed this wasn’t about politics yet has politicians scheduled to speak, I guess they wouldn’t slide their political stuff in at all right? Truth is this is about politics and to make matters worst Beck asked that people didn’t bring signs, even he understands things can easily turn into some racial really quick on such an important day in history. It’s sad that a day where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke for equal liberties people can’t bring signs that alone goes against some of what the King stood for. The name Restoring Honor sounds more like a an attachment to all the conservative talked about culture wars, two Americas, taking back our country and any other catch phrase that has people thinking one view point is better than the other. I know of Beck’s history and I know he pushes buttons and has following that shares his views on calling blacks crackheads and finds his “black voice” amusing, to be fair I find any white guy doing a black voice funny but not his version so much, and thinks Obama will destroy the very foundation of this country in four years. I understand all that and that’s where my fear lies that this is just more right wing B.S.

We all know the kind of people that will show up and we also know if he was really serious and sincere about restoring honor it would have something he would have tried to include it in the events that were already scheduled to be taking place Saturday. The inclusion would be nice given the name and what it is for, because since Obama won in 08’ this country has become two Americas over night. Restoring Honor sounds like something saying yes we don’t agree with our presidents policies but his is our president this the greatest country on this planet and we need to work together…. And support the troops of course, which even when the war(s) started no one was against the troops, the war in Iraq yes but never the troops. And while on that topic for a second if you’re really going to rally around the troops you might want to stroll back and call out those in the last administration for the lack of care and concerned to our wounded women and men and their families. I hope this event doesn’t end of being some hidden agenda attack campaign on this administration then turning into a get out and vote movement. We do need to honor those who have served and who are serving now whether it’s in the Middle East or a base somewhere in Texas, they signed up to protect our country and to turn this event into some politic battle ground filled with talking points and sound bytes is disrespectful to those who in our military.


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