International Burn A Quran Day…. Really?

So Apparently Pastor Terry Jones feels its right to burn a copy of the Quran on September 11th Saturday. It seems strange to do it now as because its 2010, I mean if it was to have happened the year after due to outrage people might not have been so vocal against this stunt. Doing it now just adds on to a disturbing trend that has been going on all year really and that a racist attitude. It’s not just America I’m talking about either, the whole world is going through some odd racist moment this year. 

 The people of Gainesville Florida aren’t completely behind this crazy stunt which is cool, he couldn’t even get a permit to burn the Quran. It’s frightens me to think that a Christian, any people of faith in America would go to such an extreme. All this is a weird trend of hating Muslims that has been placed to forefront since the debate and “outrage” of the Mosque being built by Ground Zero. Once people spoke out loud against a religion things got out of hand, a sense of hatred towards Muslims heighten or just became more visible. The one positive thing that came from this is that the Islamic college students in Gainesville have planned to feed the homeless while this “International Burn A Quran Day”. Somehow people forgot how even President Bush went out of his way to make the distinction between the religion of Islam of those extremist who plotted out what happened on 9/11.

 As a country we’re really contradicting when it comes to our own “extremist”. If any group does something that endangers peoples lives in the name of Jesus there will be evangelicals on someone’s news show telling the public to separate the nut from the millions of Christians in America. It will be made clear that Christianity had nothing to do with those incidents at all. But we’re coming going after a whole religion not a group of people. Even as people who have called in on the shows I’ve heard make it point to point out the in the Middle East there have been Bible burnings, all those in the Middle East aren’t part of that just as all those in America don’t agree with the burning of the Quran.

 What else is throwing me off is how besides Hilary Clinton no other politicians is speaking out against because it’s just wrong. Now General Petraeus spoke out but in the protection of the troops overseas. It could be taken that Petraeus is against the burning of a Quaran but he against it because it puts troops in danger. And though Obama has added his two cents it falls in line with Petraeus more than Clinton. He too has spoken out against  for the sake of troops safety. It’s sad Obama can’t fully just speak out because it is just wrong to go through with such an act. He put his foot in his mouth when he spoke in favor of the Mosque being build by Ground Zero, add that to the fact people still feel Obama is a Muslim, as if it matters. So he can’t even begin to really say much about this without becoming a target himself.

 To go through with burning a Quarn is to be willing to set us back as a people, as a country. It could be viewed as truly proving the point America is a Christian nation and all others religions aren’t welcomed or recognized. I may have came off a bit strong with that last statement but I don’t think so. If any other religion group, especially Islamic were to burn a Bible they would be considered terrorist. Since it’s an evangelical the constitutional freedoms come into play. If he does it Pastor Jones won’t be charged with anything, he’ll be fined because he has no permit to burn the Quran but there will be no charges at all for doing it. This act and even more so the sound bytes condoning the act will be the face of our country to the world, while the act of those Muslim college students helping the homeless in the same area can’t even be the be the face of their religion in that area. I wish I had something positive to end off with, the most I can do is hope the guys chooses not to go through with this.


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