A moment in time, late 94’, two soundtracks two misfires

I know I’m not the only one who has had this happen, you watch a movie, TV show, hear a song or even play game that you liked as a kid or teen and it just seems corny now that you’re older. Now of course some shit is timeless like Tom & Jerry, Voltron and Transformers and that Batman cartoon that came on after school and shit. Well when it comes to music it’s the same way. Some shit is completely flawless no matter the year like Paid In Full, What’s Going On or Thriller, I still think Off The Wall was better but numbers rule in that argument every time. With Hip Hop though things can seem hot because we’re caught up in the moment, I mean the chicks who shook their asses to “Laffy Taffy” feel like the girls who had lesser known boy band CDs , they all wonder what they were thinking.  I went through that a week ago. I found myself in rewind mode I ordered Juice, Jason’s Lyric, Street Fighter soundtrack and The Show soundtrack.

  In 94 one week I was low on paper at Bottom Beat (local record store back home) I use to always get at least one album and shit load of singles, that week I saw  The Show and Street Fighter and had to choose between the two. I knew I would get paper in a few days so I copped the The Show, I mean the movie was good and everyone was like that was the shit to get. Again I’m talking vinyl not tapes or CDs so an album cost almost double, sometimes double if it had been pressed on two records,  anyway I get back what I think was a Saturday and no more copies of Street Fighter soundtracks were on the shelf. I always wanted a copy of the album and so I ordered it from Amazon.
the show

 Now fast forward to 2010 and both soundtracks kinda suck. I mean The Show had all the hype because the movie was so ill and Def Jam was the shit, well not really their name still meant something. I listened to it while I cleaned the crib and skipped almost every song. It tried to hard to be balanced. No disrespect to anyone who loved 90’s WestCoast Hip Hop, but if it wasn’t Dre, Snoop, Pac, Eith, E40, Qick, Spice 1, WC or Cube it sucked. I never thought Warren G. was a great rapper, hell an ok rapper really but him and his homies made the soundtrack. Pac killed it and this was pre locked, shot up and signed with Death Row Pac by the way, it made me really miss dude that much more. The one single that helped Def Jam lock things down for a min was “How High” with Meth and Red, it was their first track together and the video, different beat and shorter verses had the whole Hip Hop world going crazy. That song as well as “Everyday It Rains” by Mary J. and “Me and My Bitch” by Biggie live in Philly was really all I fucked with. The interviews weaved in and out were dope too but the album was as most Def Jam soundtracks are was a marketing tool for their artists first and foremost. It’s why you had Kid Capri set it off in an interview and Onyx have the first song, Def Comedy Jam DJ and the only marketable Def Jam Eastcoast artist that wasn’t LL at the time. By the way LL song really sucked on the soundtrack”Papa Luv It”.

street fighter

 Now Street fighters since I never heard the whole soundtrack was an adventure to me, one I really would never do again at all. I remember the soundtrack for no other reason than Nas with the single all DJs played “One On One” if you don’t know the song, if you hear the song the sample will be familiar because that Mosley chick used it a few years back for one of her songs that even had a video to it.  That song was the song I fucked with hard back then, I mean Illmatic dropped and Nas couldn’t make a garbage song back then if he tried. Anyway the soundtrack was interesting being it was on Priority Records and the movie was Street Fighter starring Jean Claude Van Damn. I remember no one knew that the soundtrack to that movie was a Hip Hop soundtrack, it wasn’t a “black movie” so people were lost on why it had Hip Hop on it, I like to think maybe Van Damn had a hand in that. On there you get a glimpse of one Hip Hops dopest MCs that no one really knows, Ras Kass. He’s on a track with Saafir and Ahmad, the “back in the days I’m not a kid anymore” guy yeah, he’s saying some really not dope shit on “Come Widdit”.   Yhe song itself sounds like the test run for “Bitches and Bentlys’ by Ras Kass and Jayo Felony, who by the way was on The Show soundtrack, Def Jam dude and the song sucked. Hammer shows up with a Hammer type track “Straight to My Feet”, I think there was a video for this song too, could be why heads didn’t buy the damn album. It was more west coat artist on here really.

 Both soundtracks aren’t good, not because of the artists that were on there because most of the artists who had a song on both soundtracks went on to be legends in Hip Hop. It was the music and songs themselves that messed it up. “How High” is a straight banger, that shit can still rock the clubs and people love that song, even the original version is dope. Red and Meth got to be themselves and do what they do, same for Ras Kass while it was Ahmad trying to keep up. The west coast was still truly unstoppable at this time but instead of letting artists do them they tried to fit into a sound. Again Pac worked it out because he wasn’t saying anything different, others were just awful. I mean I thought I would never say I heard a Tribe Called Quest song I didn’t like between 92’ and 97’, I did “Glamour And Glitz” from the The Show soundtrack, back in 94’ I was amped about the song though.

 I ripped the songs I liked on my computer and got em in my mp3 player before my computer crashed and took new CDs to a thrift store and gave em away. One of those many things that just wasn’t as good as it was when I heard back in the day. Now Juice, not to get off the subject of soundtracks, is still dope as hell to me. If you do want to get them I suggest buy tracks and not the whole joints, it’s not worth it.

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