14 days left to get any bill passed

So as much as we’ve hearing about how the Democrats need to try to get something done before the elections to fix this economy truth is there has only been fourteen days to do anything. Now I’m sure no matter how you look at that you know that’s not a lot of time to do anything, especially given how things have truly moved slow since Obama took office. He even brought up have all the people he picked for positions that have still not been confirmed, one guy even quit and never even started his job because the wait was too long.  I’m saying this will make a difference on you if are for Obama and his big spending resolve to our problems tactics but to no that not much has happened in Washington because the Republicans have been playing keep away. So far have been and will now certainly really just sit around and wait for the election results.

If you forgot your social studies or never were any good at it before you’re getting a first a hand view of how the process works now, not in the conventional way that we were taught in school either. This is the saddest aspect of politics anyone has seen, it wasn’t even this bad for Clinton, well pre sex scandal Clinton. If Obama wouldn’t have just said we’re going to go with the health care bill without the Republicans we’d still be waiting for that. What Obama should have done was pass that bull when he first got the word that the republicans weren’t going to work with him. Instead he still tried to save face and he may have hoped the American public would have noticed how childish the republicans were and still are acting. This waiting game to be fair and bring a new sense of working together after sixteen years of division has backfired and not much has been passed, and what has been passed isn’t what “the American people” wants if you let polls and republicans tell it. Even when Obama said well they’re saying no to what his has on the table but aren’t bringing anything themselves really didn’t make people stop and think.  There is fourteen days to get something done and other Republicans worrying about the Bush tax cuts and Obama trying to figure something out about the economy no one else is doing a thing.  Where are the Democrats at with so much on the line, well the ones not distancing themselves from Obama?  Some a“Magic Bullet”, or miracle answer better come up quick the Democrats will lose everything.


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