The average American doesn’t want infrastructure

It’s starting to not matter how many factory warehouses Obama has his economic growth speeches in front of people aren’t trying to hear that. It’s was said one week on Meet The Press by a Republican during the round table the stimulus didn’t work. A female did counter that comment though she had no facts to back her at all, but she did stand her ground. Since then it has come out the stimulus has helped and if it wasn’t for the stimulus things would be a lot worst than they are now. Now most people are still more focused on the bail out than they are on the stimulus and somehow they merge into one major thing. The truth is the stimulus worked but it never fully trickled down and it was never supposed to focus on many jobs pass blue collar labor. Obama when he was pitching it focused on labor work, it’s why when he does give these speeches he’s at factories. That use to be what would boost the economy, jobs at somebody’s plant. 

 There lies the problem no one wants to do blue collar labor work. The fact is there is work now, it might not be building homes or roads but there are physical labor jobs out there. Obama seems like an old soul when he throws out what America once was in her glory days. We no longer have that drive to do those jobs, I mean GM (General Motors) had an ad a few months back about how they are back on their feet and making cars again. Here in KC there is some ground being broke in a few places to start building things but the average young person isn’t trying to get those jobs. So when you talk about building roads and railroads the average person the media does those personal stories on and those who call in to the talk show complaining about how they make less money now or their child isn’t working still will not be satisfied with infrastructure jobs at all. Those people feel that’s why they went to school in the first place, so they wouldn’t have to work with their hands.

 Obama can’t win for losing because if he was a republican this would be a great idea. The republicans pander to those in small towns and rural areas folks who for the most part work with their hands, so Obama should be, one would think, getting support from those people for that very reason. The problem is republicans are screaming the last stimulus bill didn’t work and Obama is spending more money so that overshadows what good did come from the last stimulus bill. I know a few republicans have already tagged Obama as the worst president in this country’s history and if things continue to get worst they will be right, but it will also have to go down as a time the country was the most divided post civil war. Those who are screaming everything from he’s not a citizen to he’s a Muslim to just not wanting a black man as president never gave him a chance and the republicans are fighting him tooth and nail the whole way so far. Even as people broke the health bill down and said it looks almost identical to what Bob Dole was proposing in 96’ republicans and those who see themselves as such and independent voters riding with Tea Party still aren’t for it. This infrastructure idea was straight out of the republican playbook and it’s just not clicking with those who are willing to do physical labor and really satisfying people we think of as the average American.


2 thoughts on “The average American doesn’t want infrastructure

  1. Maybe you do not know anyone that wants these jobs generated by infrastructure, but I can assure you, that I DO.
    Most working class people will benefit from building roads and bridges. Its their trade. Too many of the younger generation seem to think that all this shit just appeared and they are too good to hold a hammer or use a shovel. They seem to think that they are owed the ITT dream of some great paying success story in the tech industry. Trust be told,. for everyone of those wonderful success stories there are a hundred thousand blue collar jobs.
    Stability takes effort, it takes WORK. Nobody is coming to make it better. Nobody is going to do it for you. Nobody is going to rescue those that sit on thier hands…

    This infrastructure plan is the FIRST intelligent thing that Obama has done for this economy. Paying off Wallstreet the first year did not do a damn thing for the “working” class. The stimulas paid for the bonus checks of Obama friendly fat-cats. Its very suspecious that a decent and realistic plan to help real working class Americans comes out just weeks before the elections….it smells. it stinks of politics and using us as pawns. Pawns in this failed administration. Debt, recession….yeah, people are sick of this and will retaliate at the polls.
    Buckle up…we’re still down for another 2 years of recession until we elect a Leader and not a figurehead to the Whitehouse.

    • I agree totally with everything you’re saying, my point is the same people that say the stimulus didn’t work are those not trying to that kind of work. I know a few people who have gotten back on their feet a bit from the plan. Obama has the right idea just in the wrong era, that hardwork mindset is all but dead and the people the claim Obama doesn’t relate to them because they’re blue collar people are so caught up in the hype that can’t or refuse to see how much this bill will help them.

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