Kansas City one of the most segregated cities in the America


So hearing the news this morning the subject about redistricting in KC came up. Some black guy was speaking how he was all for other people being recognized but some places needed to remain black districts, that just sound so fucked up when you say it out loud. Then he went out to state how KC was in the top five for most segregated cites in the country. Now I know this city is bad in that aspect but other than when I’m complaining I say this is the most segregated place I’ve ever been at. I never thought it was in the top five… Ok I’m lying kind of because I thought it had to be in the top twenty, I figure a gang of those southern states have to have some throwback cities still standing own segregation strong today.  Fact is it KC is tied with New Orleans for eleventh and St. Louis is  number four as well as some other mid west cites including all the major ones.. Yeah all the major Midwest cites made the top ten list, ok Milwaukee might not be major but it is number one… I’ve been told many times by many different people blacks and whites about KC history and how it has always been racist and segregated. My thing is between UMKC ( University of Missouri-Kansas City) and KU (University of Kansas) you get people coming from other areas and you would think that would be the new blood to make things different for KC?

Now I’ve been here for five years and I can tell you that was and has always been my complaint, I even for some reason thought Power & Light would make things better, it didn’t just made it worst really. I find myself not even liking to bring race issue up because some people don’t want to talk about it while others do but can’t seem to figure out what to do to address it and or stop it. Example of how this city is,  I live on Armour Blvd., it’s considered a bad place, it is but not as bad I as it sounds when watching the news. Behind where I live is a park that every summer has a movie night thing for kids outside. It’s a free film and pre movie fun, I think you do have to pay for the snacks they serve and since I have no kids and know no one who has went to one of those events I’m not sure on the prices either. The thing is the people of color who live up the block as I do never went, same for the west of the park where I know some Africans and Mexicans kids are always outside playing. I do know a few blacks guys who are a part of doing the same thing but it’s in some area a few streets pass Troost. Now I live five blocks from Troost so to go that far to see a free kiddy film with your children when all you have to do is cross the street and you’re at the park is a shame.

Now I listen to a local show and when the theme is something about local activities, buildings, living, lifestyle, businesses, people and as of late schools. Most of the schools that have closed were schools in the black communities. Westport High and Westport Middle School both are closed as well as few other schools and that in itself is a shame. This city went out of its way to invest in getting downtown up and popping from the Sprint Center to P&L and now the city is trying to get a pro hockey or NBA team. Money is there for all that but for education for people in a certain area wasn’t in the budget? Sorry I got off track a bit so anyway when those shows are on what happens is someone call in and wants to address the racism issues this city is plagued with. What is cool about it is that people who bring it up are always white for one and two aren’t from here, they’ve been here ten years or less. Now of course no one in the interview wants to answer mainly because that shows theme for that day isn’t a “race issue” theme so everyone slides away from answering the questions. But it happens all the time and it shows it isn’t just black people feeling that there is a race issue. It is nice to know that other people see some people aren’t allowed to be in some areas, anyone who’s not use to this in your face blatant racism finds it alarming.

KC is cool with this as long the people , white people, are cool with it. Trust me if too many Blacks or Mexicans start roaming the streets in the Crossroads area on a few First Fridays things will either have tighter restrictions or have fees. If young business Blacks and Mexicans choose to make The Cashew, any place in Westport, The Plaza or downtown “their place” things will become odd. Not because the people aren’t the kind of the people who wouldn’t fit in or because they’re starting trouble but because of skin color. Now I’m not saying one or two people of color hanging out with a crowd I mean crowd of people of color just looking to enjoy themselves in an atmosphere catered to their way of life. Trust me it’s easy to complain when some chicks and dudes looking as if they just stepped out a video on BET walk in to those places I mentioned. That’s not the case because there are a nice number of people of color who have good paying office jobs and would love to have a post work get together with friends and a place for them in the more popular areas.

Not sure if things will ever change out here, it really doesn’t have to as long as the white people here make no effort to help make things change. It’s funny to complain about the city and somehow overlook people who refuse to even acknowledge what’s going on for whatever reason. That is where the real problem comes in, like I said if a few groups were to go into some places through out the city things would get uncomfortable fast. And that brings us full circle to people and racism in the city, like I said before people move here all the time and that should’ve helped things move away from the racism. So is it the city and those from here or the people who came here and are following the trend of the city and for the most part never looked at it as racial segregation because most of them may have never been around many people of color so this seems normal to them? Who knows, all I know is things really need to change and even with this redistricting issue that helps keep things divided just as much as it helps ensure Blacks and Mexicans have a voice politically.


One thought on “Kansas City one of the most segregated cities in the America

  1. “Then he went out to state how KC was in the top five for most segregated cites in the country.”

    First of all you combined statements. I was the one who made this statement not the gentlemen who spoke about keeping blacks as a majority in some districts. Second what troubles me the most about this city and as a microcosm this redistricting is that this city is still fighting the social battles of 1970. I go to a lot of these meetings and the cast of characters are all the same. I call them the usual suspects and their refrain remains the same. I’m sorry but I live in this city and having black representation hasn’t done a lot for my neighborhood. When there is a boot on your throat it doesn’t matter if it belongs to a white or a black, it is still on your throat. What I keep waiting to hear at these meetings is someone asking what is best for the city, not my personal agenda or special interest but what is best for the city to move forward. You see no matter how bad a situation is if it is allowed to continue it is because someone is profiting from it and in Kansas City there are a lot of folks who profit from keeping the city divided.

    It’s crazy you have a group of folks in a leaking life boat fighting over who gets to sit where instead of trying to fix the lifeboat. They would rather sink clinging to their little fiefdoms than come together and get something done. We are hemorrhaging people from this city and it is unsustainable to have a shrinking tax base and a population that requires more city services. We have to figure out a way to get people and businesses to move back into the city. We won’t be able to do that if we keep fighting the wars of the 70’s.

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