Why are people wondering why “Professional“Black women aren’t getting married?

So there is some study that shows professional black women between their twenties and forties don’t have a high marriage percentage like their white counterparts. I’ve read a few post and some sites that talked about this study and I have to agree it’s one of those all the above things, I don’t totally agree with them all but for some women some of those reasons do come in to play. The thing I’ve read is these articles and posts favored these women meaning no fault or blame has fallen in their corner.  Now in some the comments by men you read a few negative things towards professional black women. I’m not even sure how this became an issue in 2010? You would have thought this issue would have came up during the Bush years when Condalisa  Rice took over Colin Powell spot as Secretary of State, that was really when the media dove deep into her business and asked people why was she single.. That would have been a good time to bring this issue to light, when a Black female of her stature was front and cente.

 So the study from the few times I heard this topic on the news quickly shifts to black men not having a high college turn out to black men going to prison. Now easily the story from the angle can turn to a new dilemma for black men because white men who aren’t college educated or are ex felons seem to still get married, same for Latino men. Like I said it just seems better to not fault the women in this case so reasons have to be on the men… Black men.  This just sounds sad, another wall to break down for black women, they already have being a female to deal with then being a black one makes it twice as hard, now their marital status is being questioned? I understand along with good secure job and a nice home marriage and a family is third part of the American Dream, but do all women in general even want to get married?

 I could go into some crazy ass thing and break many issues down from attitudes, expectations, men issues and the one subject that would come up before any of those white women, but I’m not because I’ve met more than my share of profeesional black women and just like professional women of any race they’re women, they’re human. Maybe the people making a big deal out of this figure there has to be a major difference between black chicks in the hood and professional black women, like if you went through a professional black woman’s Ipod  you wouldn’t find some songs betraying women as bitches and ho’s and nothing more than sex objects? I mean going back  to Spellman University when they wanted to grill Nelly for the ‘Tip Drill” video, some of the women who were interviewed liked Nellys’ music, that song itself, it was the video that with credit card sliding down the ass crack that was unacceptable. I don’t think these women not being married is about the lack of qualified men completely, it is the case for some women yes not all though. I’m pretty sure those black women can find a good man and whatever happenes happens, it shouldn’t be made into such a life or death reflection on them.


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