Little Brother Leftback

LB Leftback

Little Brother is that group all Hip Hop heads love and have loved since 03’. One reason is because their sound was that of the 90’s just like what Dilated People, Kev Brown and Kanye ant the time was giving us. I remember coming across the 9th Wonders’ Gods Stepson, the Nas remix album and was blown away because it was a sound we still were making in the hood but wasn’t finding out in the industry. Then while on when it was still a niche site I went to the featured artists page and wondered who Little Brother was. I was more shocked to find that these dudes were from North Carolina and they came off like they did. Before hearing them the only NC dude I knew of Petey Pablo and he was cool but not what I was into at all. Seven years and four group albums later they give us the fourth and last Little Brother album Left Over.

 The albums starts of with “Curtain Call” which I heard on a mix shows and wasn’t a big fan of at first. Once it played and once you listen to the whole album the beat fits perfectly. The beats are what really has me liking it, it’s totally different from what 9th gives you and the last album The Get Back really didn’t have the sound completely like this either. There are LB throwback moments one being “Tigallo For Dolo” which is my favorite song on the whole damn album, hell one my top songs for the year on the real. Phonte speaks for all those in the game or love the culture and know this because I hear it a lot on satellite and online radio how people feel they have outgrown Hip Hop and don’t listen to radio at all but still love Hip Hop. Once that ends you get “Revenge” featuring Truck North and one of the underrated MCs not in Justus League but Hip Hop Median who goes back and forth with Phonte on the last verse. Then after that it gets back to a nice ill different sound again. It’s the sing song moment because LB gets Bilal, Darien Brockington and Phonte himself, yeah homie can hold a note on the real, with “So Cold” and “Second Chances”. What I love about “Second Chances” is the end where Phonte just has a monolog that mad heads can relate to when it comes to going through tough times with their girl. It’s one of the moments that make them one the more honest Hip Hop groups because it’s a real moment. Another real track has to be “What We Are”. Rapper Big Pooh tells a chick that they can be cool but can’t be a couple, he handles the song easily and comes off flawless.

 Like I said the beats are very party-ish but not like what you hearing on the radio at all. One perfect example has to be “Two Steps Blues”, even without the hook you’d get the vibe and want to do a lil two step on the real. “Before The Night Is Over” isn’t a party vibe track but the beat is crazy as hell but it still is hot. The comical moments are still here whether it’s the beginning and ending of “Table For Two” where Phonte is trying treat his woman to a nice night out at a expensive restaurant and is trying to figure out how t pay for the dinner or the breakdown of a man trying to pick up a chick outside the club on “After The Party”, which keeps reminding me of when Jamie Foxx started interrupting some dude at one of those Shaq Roasts a few years back. Left Back ends of with Torea coming through “24” and killing shit by the way.

 If this will be the last Little Brother album cool, they went out right. I mean if you’re like me you would have wished A Tribe Called Quest could have went out like this. The album has no bad moments at all once you realize these are the beats that they chose to ride with. To me it was like a growth thing as a group we’ve watched them grow from four albums and few mixtapes in seven years. The cool thing is unlike other groups who called it quits and members tried to go solo LB was doing their Gang Starr shit. Doing solo ventures and coming back together through out their career so we already are open as fans to their now main gigs. I remember I saw a breakdown of the career of LB on around when this album was getting ready to drop and it’s cool to see so many people respect these dudes within the game. Peace to Little Brother, one of the last new millennium Hip Hop acts that kept it Hip Hop.


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