McDonalds is completely wrong with this one


Last week McDonalds made news thanks to an article in The Wall Street Journal stating McDonalds may have to drop close to 30,000 employees’ health coverage if regulators do not waive the new requirement in the new health care bill. What I found alarming about all this is how the health care bill fell under more scrutiny for now not really helping those who work at very low paying jobs. I agree this bill doesn’t help low income workers and have said many times Obama seems to never go lower than whatever is considered low income in his mind. My problem with all this comes with how no one places blame on McDonalds, the fast food chain is one the worst paying jobs in general. Though a few people on the many panels in the media spoke on how the insurance plan McDonalds has is somewhat a joke but it fits such a low paying job.

 So how is it that a Corporation that pays you the minimum wage of your state has and not really a penny over can make such a statement to attempt have the new health care bill waive regulations unfavorable to them? It’s simple because they’re willing to use their employees as sacrificial lambs. The bill is unpopular and once people hear that McDonalds will be forced to drop a large number of people’s coverage due the bill no one will stop and wonder if this is a McDonalds problem. It is a McDonalds problem though, the corporation has been getting giving employees little to nothing for decades. Now one reason they claim this is the case is the high turnover rate but if you’ve lived by a McDonalds most of your life you know of some people who have been working at the location since you were child or at least for about five years. So then that turns into a low wage job issue because if they receive a raise it will be no then a three to five cents increase, and this by the way is for those who aren’t in a managerial position. Then comes the flimsy insurance plan that if something really serious happens to you or your child and you go the hospital you’ll realize just how useless the plan is. This isn’t just a McDonalds issue though it’s an issue dealing with all low wage jobs, the insurance is borderline worthless if something serious comes up in your life.

 The whole idea of mini-med plans are sad, I’ve read somewhere it was better than nothing, not true at all. If you make the Federal minimum wage $7.51 and hour and you pay around $11.00 a week for $2, 000 a year, how helpful can that really be? The company McDonalds and other corporations deal with Aetna Inc., and they’re the ones telling those other companies things will be a problem by 2014.

 The government isn’t going to attempt to change the industries that are getting legal cheap labor and offering such a useless health coverage plan because that will cause those jobs to answer back with the threat of lost jobs. Instead they sum up this health care debate by saying the workers are young and the turnover rate is high so with that reality such sub-par plan is ok for now. The thing is McDonalds like many other fast food places and low paying jobs in general hire a lot of young mothers and children get sick and or hurt all the time and the coverage then gets put to the test. Even though no one wants to admit it most of the time the young people working those jobs have parents working at a place paying just a bit more than their children, by a few cents too. So even if the person working at McDonalds is under 26 and can be covered by their parents plan the plan is no better. Aetna Inc. and the corporations they deal with don’t want to get caught in the mix of what the new health care bill will bring. This is just one more reason why if it isn’t going to be this bill that makes an attempt to fix health care it has to be something soon because the door has been opened and we see just how broke the system is.


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