Older people should act younger to get a job???

During the weekend when news networks are just throwing together anything to pass time if there is noting important enough to spread to the weekend shows CNN seem to have felt older unemployed people needed some advise on getting back in the work force. So some lady who has a site or book or maybe both is trying to tell older workers over forty how not to be old? Now of course this only applies to you depending on the world of employment you were a part of and trying to get into. I’m not against giving advice to people who have been a part of the work force for years, but to say down play your age is a bit extreme.

 There was some point where she said try to speak about how you’re experienced but don’t come off old, huh? If you’ve racked up twenty to twenty five plus years experience how young can you really be? Even crazier is this lady says try to be youthful from dress to hair style, now it would be easy to play the race game with those comments she made, only white people would dress and try to look younger than they really are. Not true of course but again it is a crazy idea because the people who will be interviewing them can without a doubt do math and if some forty plus man or woman comes in with some twenty something hairstyle is will look odd as hell. If you’ve gotten that far in the process of looking for a job your hairstyle and as she said a make over including a tad bit of surgery might not be needed. When the hell did a slight facelift even become an option for getting a job and is there any proof an older person ahas gotten a job because of getting one? I do agree dress makes a difference, it always has so that isn’t a big deal, but you have to know your body type and what works. The losing weight and losing the glasses and get contacts or whatever is a bit too much in my book. I mean I get most likely these jobs are looking for a certain look but if people aren’t taking care of their weight for their own health doing it for a job is sad as hell.

 Look, if you are older and you have years of experience use it to your benefit don’t down play it like you just happened to keep that job and if you moved up in the company by luck. You earned the right to boast that you’ve done what you’ve done for as long as you have done it, that’s a strength, and everyone is taught to play to their strengths. These people get by eating off of those who are insecure and have the idea that getting a job is more of a youth and vanity thing and not skills to get the job done. That is true by the way sad as it sounds but it also applies again to the kind of job you’re applying for, if you’re not applying for a job in that world the advice that lady was giving out is totally useless. Go out and be proud of your age and experience, I’m not saying have you cover letter say “I’m blah blah blah I’m forty six and I’ve worked for blah blah blah for this many years”. I’m saying brag on your years of work to show you know the job and know you can be a major asset to the company by bringing that experience you’ve collected over the years. This down playing your age doesn’t help anyone really, it makes you come off delusional and in denial about your age and you may give whoever interviews you a story to laugh about with his colleagues and friends later on. How people view you trying to NOT look your age can be viewed as funny and have you really not be taken serious, that fact was totally skipped while she told people how they should come off younger. Act your age, you earned it so show it off.


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