Should we check China out and try to learn from them?

Well it seems now that it’s getting close to casting your vote we have to hear politicians argue about EVERYTHING that really is important. One of those things is outsourcing, that topic comes up only when unemployment is a big issue whether national or local. One thing I never understood and even now I can’t get my head around it, how politicians, Republicans, can complain about unemployment and still back outsourcing? Somehow we’ve shifted the focus off of government and these companies wanting cheap labor to China and India? We did this during the Republican primaries when everyone focused on how bad the illegal citizen issue was and is, but no one really went and targeted the companies hiring the people. So now China is at fault because they are the only country really doing well right now. China is speaking out about now being the target of politicians also, we can’t and shouldn’t even bring China up in a debate unless we’re looking to make moves like them. I know that line just isn’t going to happen because we as The United States would rather take the idea and never give credit to the country we copied it from.

 One thing about China is it has a sense of equality working, of course no structure can have everyone even and equal with no lower class at all, but to try to even the playing field of the economic and social landscape is a great idea. They’ve been working on getting a train line between the rural areas in china to the major city areas. China also is looking to cut back on relying on exports from other countries which means that will make job opportunities, which again is focused on those in the mountains and farmland. That kind of thinking is something that will keep the country flowing, made in China sold in China bought in China. China is really about looking to cut its poverty, everyone will not become a millionaire or even a thousandaire but they will live comfortable and above whatever the poverty level maybe. Now with all this that I’m saying it still is China and there are many flaws in the way the country run, but still the object here is China is looking to take care of all of its people.

 We hear in America aren’t even looking to try many of the ideas China has going on. It’s not just politics it the whole picture of our country. We are a country built on a misguided social latter that stems from our European mother, so as a country we’re cool with the ideas haves and have nots. The problem is the dream of America and the reality of it has a wider gap more now than ever before. We’ve shipped jobs overseas that for generations made those who had nothing more than a High school diploma became middle class and a lot of times those people grabbed managerial jobs. Those days are gone and have widen the gap between people in our country. Our school system is beyond broke, again more of an European structure where those in poor areas aren’t even really given a chance to advance to a better life. A lot of times those people would be shunned upon for even wanting a better life outside of the social structure. We can’t continue to teach our children you can become whatever you want to be if you work hard at it when children start off on two different levels. Forget a leg up, some children are a full flight of stairs ahead of other kids these days. These politicians debating these last weeks can’t even agree the system is broke because of political partylines. All I’m asking is to say yes this country has become more separate and unequal and we need to figure out how to fix it. Again China in just a short time is willing to try to do something we really haven’t tried once in this post civil rights America.


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