Def Jam is 25 years old

  So Def Jam is 25 and I figure being older they must be suffering from Alzheimer at this point. I saw the track listing for the Anniversary sets they got on the street and it sucks they just ran pass all the true classics. I mean you would think any Public Enemy song other than “911 Is A Joke’, would make it seem as if they truly know their past. “911 Is A Joke”!?! That shit is a joke, the inclusion of that track being the Public Enemy song waters down their legacy in the eyes of the unknowing Hip Hop fan. You have a gang of songs that just pure pop to give the vibe Def Jam is some sort of Hip Hop Motown.  The problem to me isn’t that they don’t have more than a gang of radio hits, it’s the fact that instead of embracing the integrity of the artist they chose to lessen their contributions to the label. Like “911 Is A Joke”, sorry that song is good but will never, should NEVER be the first song you think of when you say Public Enemy. Why didn’t they use ‘Fight the Power”? That was big a song for them, I get the last verse could be the real reason, but they have to get it over it.

  PE isn’t the only ones this bull shit has popped off on, look at Ghost, he has the joint with Ne-Yo added to the collection? Anyone who got Fishscale knows that song was the friendliest, but the worst track on the album. 3rd Bass has “Pop Goes the Weasel” instead of any song from the “Cactus Album”. And can someone inform people at Def Jam that Slick Rick has more songs than “Children Story”, they’ve put it on a lot of compilations under the Def Jam label. And Luda and Foxy aren’t looking good on the collection either from where I sit. Foxy is on two different cds but they rock the same Dru Hill collabo and Luda has the “Splash Waterfalls” shit popping? Could they not find better songs from both artists?  EPMD was on Def Jam right? The most consistent group on Def Jam next to PE and Redman didn’t make the cut, never really was a radio success story though, but should have done “Gold Diggers”.

One thing is evident looking at the track listings , the label has become a home for the untalented. I will say Def Jam did have shit on lock during the Ja rule, Jay Z, Ludacris, Ashanti, Sisqo, Musiq and DMX days. You couldn’t go an hour without hearing a Def Jam song or artist, mainly Jay and Ja Rule, damn Ja Rule was on every song on the radio at one point wasn’t he? But now the singers suck and the rappers (not giving any of them dudes love to say MCs) are just the worst at this time of the labels run. Not sure why though, I mean Jay signed the Roots, Nas, Ghost and Nore was on there as well the Rocafella roster before it was shut down. Other than Ghost and the Nas song with singing nothing else made the cut, not even really great classic Jay Z shit made the cut on theses cds, seems like a waste to add “Money Ain’t A Thing” when you could have used ‘Brooklyn’s Finest” the true Big and Jay song that set off the thought how good The Commission could have been. Instead you get the JD and Mya tracks???

 Def Jam is a prime example of what is fucked up about the culture and the music and the way industry BS is in play all the time. Instead of educating their younger audience and re-educating those who know of Def Jam but may have never known they were behind so many Hip Hop classics, they chose to play radio hits and really market their current roster. I guess that’s why Warner Bros. isn’t going to be pushing a real best of Cold Chillin’ set because after Biz and Daddy Kane its pop culture unknowns.

 Def Jam has become an enabler to all that’s wrong with music when they once were the label that others compared themselves to. Death Row was the West Coast Def Jam, Loud was the new Def Jam rockin the 90’s like Def Jam did the 80’s and early 90’s, Wild Pitch like Rawkus were Def Jam type label that ran with artist who would have made the cut if they came out during the mid to late 80’s. These cds shows how Def Jam has fell the fuck off, don’t blame Jay, and are now just content with piece of shit artist they have signed. I know Kanye is on Def Jam so I’m still sticking with the comment. With the exclusion of Nas, Kiss, Ghost and The Roots, Redman and any other real artist who won’t get pushed due to the BS now Def Jam needs to rework things seriously.


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