Iphone App the new couples’s counselor?


Yesterday I wasn’t really doing much so I really didn’t mind listening to a program talk about some Apps designed to help save marriages. Now first out the gate the host really should have took this topic light because if a smart phone app can be credited to saving someone’s marriage that would seem to be the bigger issue not what issues the couple has. I looked it up and I came across three apps claiming to help married couples work things out?  Now looking at what those apps had to offer it hit me people 

  1. really have lost all since of commonsense and the essence of social skills to even need to download apps that aren’t saying anything new that a person would and should be thinking of anyway.
  2. We depend on apps way too much.

 I remember during Ramadan there were apps telling people when to eat? How did people make it before this app?

 This is just some a really crazy app, most of the apps are now crazy that are coming out of no where. It’s one thing when it’s corny fart sound apps, daily jokes apps and those wacky ways to manipulate picture apps, but things are getting too personal now. It would be easy to chalk it up to a generational thing, but I’ve seen older folks use some of these same useless apps. It would be easy to play the race card but I’ve seen Black and Latino people use them as well. So it boils down to people who aren’t or are no longer using social skills. Now I’m not saying that these people can’t make friends and they keep people at a distance, or even the type of people who are just people you would never want to talk to at all about anything ever. I’m saying these are people who have phones and rarely use the PHONE to converse with people, they chat via facebook or text with someone in speaking distance of them. Trust me I’ve gotten a “hey how r u doin?” text from someone who could have easily just looked over and just said that. These are the type of people you could see- using a Iphone marriage counselor as opposed to TALKING to someone.

 It would be easy to say people want privacy, but if you have good friends why not let them know something is going on in your marriage, most likely they have already noticed something is wrong. To me these are the same people who break up through social network sites and text messages, the kind of people before the internet came into the world who would tell someone to speak on their behalf or leave those Dear John letters. This is less about these apps and more about the lack of commonsense and social skills. Maybe someone should create an app to help people become more open and social VERBALLY, the irony of that is people would post the link to the app and or text their friends on cool it is…


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