Remembering Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell

jam master jay

Hip Hop has a lot of Icons and even more overrated “greats” these day, but Run DMC was the first official icons of Hip Hop. Yeah dudes were doing it before them and many came behind them took the game even further but Run DMC just stands the test of time. One reason is Jam Master Jay, he was so much a part of what Run DMC was. I remember seeing the Behind The Music of Run DMC and Jay was the truly the street cred for them in the beginning, they said their whole look came from what Jay was rocking. Jam Master Jay inspired countless DJs across the world and made those who didn’t want to be a DJ respect the art of it. You can’t talk about Run DMC without talking about Jam Master Jay, there are way too many songs in their catalog telling just how ill he was, hell people still haven’t noticed “Peter Piper” is about Jay, really I was talking to a dude in his 40’s and he never put it together AT ALL.  Jam Master Jay was and still is one of my favorite DJs today.

 I figured with today being the eighth year anniversary of his passing I’d post some stuff. Off subject personally I hate it’s American to celebrate tragedies… Anyway I ran across rehashing of an old Scratch article with Pete Rock, Primo, Tony Touch, and Jazzy Jeff, a mixtape by Dj Hotday that came out back in 02’ that made the rounds last month hard and something I really personally loved a youtube clip of Jay talking to students in Australia about the beginnings and essence of Hip Hop.

R.I.P. Jason Mizell

XXlmag post here

DJ Hotday’s tribute mix to jam master jay 1969-2002


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