From Guerrilla Activist to President, Only in Brazil


Today Brazil has a new president, Dilma Rousseff. What’s interesting about this isn’t that Brazils’ new President is a female but a former activist. She has had a very interesting life and has lived to see the change that she fought for and has been apart of it. Before becoming the newly elected President she was Municipal Secretary of Treasury in the mid 80’s and Secretary of Energy and Communication in the 90’s.

 She won with 56% of the votes and seem to be the favorite to win, mainly because President Lula was a major supporter. This keeps things in a progressive climite for Brazil, they’re seeing some economic growth and have the Olyimpics and World Cup going there in a few years. Some are hoping, Rousseff herself, that she can keep thing mvoing smooth as Lula has. The one big thing people seem to be concerned about is her plans and how they will be paid for. To go from poor daughter of immagrant parents to politcal activist to being apart of a  politcal system you belive in to being President is the stuff movies and dreams are made of. She takes office next year.


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