Sore winners

Well what people had been predicted months ago came true last night, the republicans took back the house. It’s crazy because saying take back means so much. They weren’t going to allow Obama to move anything forward and they’ve already planned to repeal so much even before the elections lastnight. I remember a few months ago when some British lady summed up our political world perfectly. She spoke about how here in America nothing gets done because the politicians work in two to four year cycles. It was seen this past two years. The republicans weren’t even trying to work with Obama and yet never gave a strong alternative idea to what Obama was doing. The republicans by all rights got lucky, the economy is such a big deal that everything else fell out of sight. Hell for the last few weeks terrorists have been running wild all across the world and we’ve been catching it before things have gotten here, no one really knows nor care. The thing is yes, Obama should have focused harder on the economy and what focus he did give it worked to a degree. I mean as much as stimulus is now a bad thing to say it created about a million new jobs. The problem is the people who didn’t get those jobs might not have wanted those jobs anyway.

 Who knows what happened, was it really the bad taste in peoples mouths that Obama was now the President, lost jobs and homes, Obama care or just things not being the beautiful wonderland they thought Obama would bring? People were losing home and jobs before the primaries even began in 08’, so to blame Obama was always unjust. So by all logic the people with the ideas and laws that truly caused the problem are now voted back in. Only a few people understand it took two terms to get us where we are and to think two years of a first term couldn’t even begin to fix them. Maybe it was the fact Obama unlike many presidents from the opposing party he didn’t spend time changing old bill from the previous party. Obama came in looking to get his ideas out first and let bills expire and move them out. 

 Last night we saw fear tackled, some of the people who voted republican from the gate thought Obama was too extreme. So now it seems we’re going to go back to what we had before. Some would say we go back to if you listen to all these republicans “Reganomics” and the only people who really benefited from that was those at the top and upper middle. I would be cool if they republican acknowledged like Rand Paul did and say let’s get it back to the Clinton years. I think it’s not going to happen because it seems the republican are ready looking to make Obama life as president worst than they did as a minority party but maybe something good can come from these next two years… I know it’s way to much to ask for.

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