Keith Olbermann could have always went back to sports and shook things up


Well MSNBC gave in and gave Olbermann his job back. I was thinking over the weekend how cool it would have been to have him or anyone for that fact talk to athletes about their political views. It’s such a lost world now how does an athlete think when it comes to politics? I felt Olbermann could have been that guy for that job, mainly since he was an anchor for Sportsdenter in the 90’s

 While thinking about that show it did occur to me we don’t really know much about athletes besides their records, point averages, school they attended, family info we learn about through those small segments and their sexual apatite when they get caught cheating. It’s a long way from back when Jim Brown, Bill Russell and then Lewis Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) spoke about Vietnam. When you even think of Ali as much as his boxing career is the stuff legends are made from his stand to not go to Vietnam made an even bigger impact, the conversion to Islam was too. During the days of the Negro League white players who played with the black players during the off season had been fighting to have black player join the majors. To know how an athlete feels about life that their fans, the average person, are going through makes them a bit more human. The last time I personally saw a group of athletes talk about issues that caught my attention was when ESPN had black athletes and Jackie Joyner Kersee put Jim Brown on blast because he felt other athletes like Jordan wasn’t giving back enough. Even now when I see that now I agree with both arguments, Browns point even more of course. I would love to know how athletes feel about the way politics are going now more than ever. I’m not just say African Americans or Americans in general just any athlete who plays a major sport in this country. It brings such a new dynamic for people about athletes who since the 90’s seem to be just athletes. You couldn’t get a view point about anything outside of the NBA on the record from Jordan, Magic or Bird, hell Bird caught flack for saying he would like to see more white superstars in the NBA. Even during the invasion of Iraq we heard athletes support the troops and that became a support the war vibe but no one really took the time to separate the two. Like I said it was just a thought if MSNBC had stuck to their guns…


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