Leave Kanye alone

ye on the today show

It’s  that time of the year where Kanye is about to drop his album so of course to get people attention having a good song or two rotating on the radio and web is never good enough for Ye. If you’re dealing with Kanye West media wise during the time frame of his album dropping you have to be prepared for anything. He’d do. He is the best at self promotion by using someone else to do it. We all know his history and sometimes we love it like the comment aimed Bush on the telethon for Katrina and we hated it when he popped up on Taylor Swift, not me cause I didn’t give a fuck. So this Today Show thing is just another chess move that will work in his favor no matter how many people hate on him for these outburst he gives us.

 That Today thing is kinda of toss up in my book. I mean Kanye is too smart to not know how the game goes when your in those kind of interviews. If anything learned something from this new outburst, I never knew that the person being interviewed saw and heard the sound bytes during the interview, yeah I never gave it a second thought that the people being interviewed saw the sound bytes really. Again here is a man like the average American who has seen more than his share of television interviews to know how the game goes. Then the fact he’s been in the game for a minute so to come off completely caught off guard and pissed is dumb. It’s the Today Show they really don’t care you have Hip Hop producers from the 90’s on your new album. So the outbursts are what interest that shows viewers, the music is damn near secondary. Maybe NBC should have told them they would bring it up and place clips? Ok, Kanye should have known so I can’t make a point there.

 I’m not a fan of the music he makes too much at all, haven’t been since Graduation dropped to be honest. His music isn’t what gets him in these situations it’s him as a person. I was looking at some old DVDs around the time College Dropout was still the buzz and he was an ass in those interviews. It’s more of a show then him being him though, if he really was the guy he betrays he’d be on more shows all the time and left off of  many others. Our entertainment history has had many characters that have kept us wondering what they would do next. Kanye is falling in that lane, the problem is or maybe it’s a good thing he does this. he pick his times and places on when to go off and be an ass. If  people really wanted to insure he get the point we’re not cool with this asshole act he’s giving us don’t buy his music or go to his shows. You stop making him a star he’ll be nothing more than a has been making crazy outburst on TMZ and then the staff on the show would joke him. If you’re not going to do that that then do like me sit back and enjoy the show and once you’re no longer entertained move on to something better to occupy your time.


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