Just when I thought Central Standard found it’s calling

So I listen to KCUR a local community radio station that has NPR programs on it. When I started I listening there was a show called The Walt Bodine show came on 10am. Then I heard a brother talking about he was coming with a show in that time slot and he needed a name for the show. I have been listening to Central Standard since it started and the last few shows seem to really get a bit deeper than really were before. The two of the three shows I really enjoyed didn’t have the shows host Jabulani Leffall. One was about Female Veterans, which the first few minutes had me wanting to turn but I listened and liked what I heard, the other was about religion. The third yesterday I really enjoyed and have to admit I think will not be a regular topic at all.

 Now to say I thought KCUR made a good move bringing a black man in to do an hour long show because he was black would be messed up but also correct. Another show I love is KC currents and for some reason I figured Central Standards would be like that and instead of focusing on theme for fifteen minutes and moving on as KC Currents has to do to fit four segments into its program I thought Central Standard would really get deeper with an hour show. That really hasn’t happened. I’ve heard shows about casserole, music in politics the day after the mid term election, Iphone app for couples and so many other somewhat featherweight topics. Now I’m not saying make every show about race or how messed up KC is and I even understand Leffall has he orders boundaries. What I am saying after a show like yesterday to come back with such a soft show like today is kind of sad.

 Yesterday the show spoke to Marcus Lee a guy who was featured in the The Pitch for beating two murder cases and third is being appealed. The show also spoke to Nadia Pflaum who wrote the piece and she like Leffall and myself included aren’t from here and that in itself is a show waiting to happen, how there is a whole different city west of Troost or Prospect for that matter. Now as Laeffall himself addressed that those who listen not just to his show but the KCUR aren’t aware of such a lifestyle Lee lives within and yet we all live in the same city. I’m not sure if anyone even called in at all now that I’m thinking about it … Not that I was aware of no calls.. Again that gives us a different take on this city, matter of fact in the city. Most of the time people KCUR talk to are from some suburb in Kansas or from the Plaza to downtown area, you rarely even get people from the more in my mind country areas like Platte, Carol County or Raytown.

 It would be nice to have other places be it the “hood” or some rural area have their world placed before those who may never even know about that lifestyle because those kind of people listen to KCUR. I know this because I listen and I’ve been to a few of the events at the libraries and when people speak to the speaker they say they heard the speaker on Up To Date another show on KCUR that follows Central Standard. I’ve met people from rural areas and some people from the urban areas who beyond dress fit at home at those events because they know the subject that brought them. It would be nice to give them a chance to be heard. I know even that with comes fluff shows but I also know deeper pieces will also come as well. Yesterday that one show opened doors to at least three different show topics. I’m a fan of the show and I will admit I turn it off once I realize I may not be able to feel the show topic like the show today. Will Central Standard follow up with deeper stuff finally after exploring such an ok but solid topic yesterday or will it seem to be more like desert before dinner since Up To Date has really gotten a bit better about certain issues as of late.

If you want to checkout The show yesterday day as well as other shows in their archives click here


One thought on “Just when I thought Central Standard found it’s calling

  1. I agree this show needs to open up it’s doors to real people and not a bunch of people that does not have a clue or care to have a clue that there is a world out there they laid out for thoes people excluded on the east side of Troost. This show is truly in denial when it comes to the rest of Kansas Ctiy and how poor people or should I say people that live in the hood among drugs, gangs and violence really live. Will this be a topic on any given day for this show, pehaps not. If you want ratings to rocket sky high on your show, bring some of thoes crime fighter’s from the east side that deals with trying to help their community feed their children but have to do it with the poverty they face, drugs, gangs and violence. Perhaps then, white folks might think this is a show worth tuning into. Or maybe not.

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