Ok can we move on pass the mid election talk

Obama going on an Asian tour even stopping in Indonesia really didn’t get that much play here in America. What happened or didn’t really happen too positive in at the G20 summit was considered as an afterthought. The fact that as much as we’re in financial crisis we never really looked at the world and issues that are going on, Ireland has days to make a decision to ask for help. Sudan is looking to split into two different countries and Russian, or rather smaller independent countries that were once a part of Russia are having civil wars where Muslims are involved. All this has come pre and post mid term elections and yet if you turn to any of the major news networks they’re still focused on the results of two weeks ago.

 I understand that for some reason the news networks have turned completely about American politics, Fox and MSNBC might as well not even call them selves’ news networks at all. CNN, as much as I like the network has made it’s mark being more poppy as of late. Almost all the non money and political shows are nothing more than pop news or some story profile. So much is going on and we’re not hearing about it because somehow news has fallen to focus groups. Even when every network was viewing things from the “spill cam” Greece was going through bankruptcy, countries in Africa were and still are fighting terrorist. You really wouldn’t know it unless you went t to hose news networks websites because they’re aren’t giving us news anymore on the television.

 It’s so bad now even the network channels do little quick run downs to world events or anything pass the mid term results just to get back to talking about the results. I get it, it was a big deal but can we move on? Will the rest of the year, two years really continue to fall back to what happened two weeks ago? It’s funny in all the talk no one has really focused on how two of the main Tea Party candidates Palin endorsed lost. Why did they lose? Well because they somehow took some totally extreme views too early in the game and it made people pull away. That breakdown has yet to come in on how the next fours years with these new freshmen Republicans can affect our country. We’re hearing how there will be challenges to the health care bill but has anyone focused on how Arizona as a state that is against the bill and like many other states claim they have a law to take of its residents has now authorized a hold on any state funding for surgeries and transplants? That could be a good place to start at when it comes to pros and cons of nationalizing health care as opposed to state run systems. But we’re still watching the mail-in count in Alaska, live press conference announcing the new house speakers and collecting sound bytes still talking about two weeks ago. News is still happening the world hasn’t stopped for the election so can we move on?

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