Pill that prevents HIV in gay men only?


Last week while walking in my door I heard a news report about a pill that can prevent HIV and may even be able to cure those who have it. Now I thought that’s cool but then the report took a turn for the worst to me. The report said the test was ran on gay and bisexual men which was cool but then near the end of the report I heard that there will be tests for the pill on heterosexual men. I’m not sure if sexuality makes that big of a deal on how the pills work but the report made it seem that there is. So is there a gay gene that I must have not heard about that was confirmed as real?

 Now when I tweeted about this last week I was being an ass about the report but today I’m wondering could anyone let that story go on the air without addressing such a statement at the end? Even more important the thought behind the statement that somehow the pill would work different if the guy was straight? Is this something actual scientists and doctors really believe, that sexuality plays that big of a role?

 As an African American or a person of color this just sounds crazy because we’ve in this country’s past have had strange studies in the name of science dealing with how one race deals with certain diseases as opposed to others. Now to have it break down into sexuality makes it just as scary to me. Again what I do notice is the lack of gay and bi females coming up in any of these talks whether it’s gays in the military or these new study to find a cure for HIV. I do know men get the disease and spread it faster than women so I can’t completely be against that angle, but to not bring them up is pigeonholing the idea of who gets HIV. Maybe I’m looking far beyond the point of the good news and should focus on that instead of the odd idea that as a straight man I may have to take a totally different pill to protect me from getting HIV because of some misguided ideology that supposed smarter people have. If anything it shows they’re human and just like the rest of us they, scientists and doctors, have questionable thoughts on things and people. I’ll look at the bright side and hope the pills are an answer to major problem.


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