DJ Premier Presents: Year Round Records “Get Used To Us”

get used to us album cover

If you’re a Hip Hop head this is the compilation you’ve been waiting to hear for a minute now. DJ premier has had his artists’ singles hit the net then it was like nothing came behind it and then Premo started talking about this compilation. This is pure Hip Hop nothing remotely close to looking for airplay and with that I have to give him as well as those who are part of this love.

 This sets off with QBs’ illest Blaq Poet who just goes in hard over what is the new Premo sound as of late. It’s cool not the best track at all but it shows how gritty this album is. “Policy” I personally have heard before and loved it then and feel no different about it now. It’s good to hear NYGz for some reason I can’t put my finger on why but it is. I guess I like the way they flow and it sounds believable unlike a lot of the hard shit people say on the mic now. The first of Nick Javas featured tracks really isn’t something I’m running with. It sounds like those Rhyme Reel NFL run downs he posts on youtube, I like those. The concept of showing he has the goods in front of Premo is cool but I just don’t like the outcome. It might be the beat which is the least favorite beat to me on here. I know if I see the video it might be a different story. The Khaleel track ‘Hot Flames” came on I instantly thought “So Amazing” by Terminology was on here, yeah I don’t check tracklisting much, fuck it. The beat has the same element and Khaleel kills the track. Another track I been heard and loved is “Epic Dynasty”  by Dynasty. This is pure Premo all day from the beat to the cuts. It reminds me of when female MCs Heather B, Charli Baltimore and Sonja Blade had a Premo beat during the late 90’s. Haven’t heard anything pass this from her but this is ill as fuck.

 What I love about this compilation is how legends get their chance to shine, no disrespect to Blaq Po but not a lot of people remember Scewball and I have yet to find anyone outside of New Yorkers who remember his  attacks aimed at BDP during the Bridge wars in the 80’s. Back to my point it was good to hear MC Eiht who I was always a fan of since the Compton’s Most Wanted days. “Fine By Me” might be the only song not  mixed down well, God I sound like someone I know with that remark… Damn. KRS and Puba connect to show love to the Gods and the Earths with “5%”. This is my favorite song point blank even if the knock makes me think it was passed by Javas for “Opportunity Knoccs”. Still the track is good and to hear someone talk about something besides thugging, spending paper, chicks or just bragging was refreshing to me.  Then NYGz play host to two proven legends Freddie Foxxx and Lady Of Rage, who pops up here and there lately and Royce. I been heard this remix, oops NYGemix of “Ya Dayz R #’d” and still fuck wit it hard, I swear Royce was on some show and prove shit cause he came off ill as fuck. Tef aka Teflon just in case you were wondering if it was the same dude and Styles P connects to give you ‘Married 2 The Game”. What can I say that you might not be thinking once you see who is on this track? Yes it’s ill and you know what they’re talking about. Freddie Foxxx gets a solo shot in as well that shows us how Premo used to get down back in the days beat wise. “The Gang Starr Bus” is a trip down memory lane during the days of touring with Gang Starr. I’m feeling because it’s cool to hear a light track by Foxxx and it’s even better to hear about the days everything within the crew was good.

 Back to the new dudes, Javas better joint of course being “Not A Game” is on here and shit still sound fresh even though I’ve heard over hundred times. Young Maylay comes in and to be honest “Temptation” is ill and reminds me of some 90’s story rap shit.  Khaleel and Panchi kill “Rappin Exercise”. The beat is chilling and is the second best beat to me in general. Saigon and Papoose, who I still think is greatly overrated, joins Tef on “Lifetime Membership”. All three men sound good on the track, yes Papoose put it down, still not changing my mind though. Joell Ortiz gets it in over one the better beats that collected dust from Premo. What can I say about this track??? It’s Ortiz , there you already know how it sounds.

 One thing about this compilation is that a most of the songs on here have made the rounds last year and longer, a lot of people have the same issue with that too. The thing is that is really the biggest issue with this album, any label would love that complaint. This album proves like Premo the legends on here too have more to bring to the game and I’m sure the label will have a good run on the indie route. If you’re a fan of DJ Premier and Boom Bap Hip Hop you got to get this. It’s not going to be the Premo from back in the days but if you have kept your ear to his music you know there is still that spark of energy when a Premo beat or the cuts come in, minus the “Oh My God” scratch on “5%” but with labels complaining what gets scratched in on a song these days that might have been the best way to go. I’m already used to Year Round Records already and hope they we will have the label around for years to come.


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