The 10 days of what I thought was hot this year

I thought this year I’d be a bit cliché and do like all music blogs and give my top ten albums and singles of the year. One reason I really felt I had the time to do it is because as I said I’m leaving politics alone til next year. By the way Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been repealed.

 So I figured when I was thinking about doing this that I wouldn’t even have ten Hip Hop albums to pick from this year. While listening to my collection of music from this year I came across a lot of great Hip Hop albums, of course not the stuff the average person who doesn’t get pass BET and radio would pick. Then there were the singles which saying ten is truly not giving light to a lot of songs of this year I thought were great. In other words I surprised myself that I came away loving so much Hip Hop this year.

 I’m also doing non Hip Hop albums and songs too. Now that might really be different because since I started listening to The Strand and just checking for a lot of different music my taste has really gotten wide open. Anyway we getting it started today…


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