Day 2 of what I thought was Hot this year

Hip Hop The Roots How I Got Over


When you talk about artists keeping it real The Roots have to be in that group. Here is a Hip Hop group that became a late night talk shows house band, Black Thought included, and still dropped an album with no well known guest to the average person outside of John Legend. They could have easily gotten some Def Jam money and grabbed many of the people who performed on the show to do a track come in on the hook or something and didn’t. How I Got Over is brilliant in the sense of it’s a (to me) coming to grips with life and where you are and what’s going on type of album. Almost every song has some reference to God and a need to change for the better without being preachy at all. Most of the songs I loved this year came from this album, hell I’m only not feeling like 3 songs and that’s off my bootleg version. I still love and think How I Got Over may be one the best albums of the year in general.

Hip Hop song Royal Flush by Big Boi feat Andre 3000 and Raekwon

 It’s been 12 years since the members of Outkast broke bread on a track with Raekwon The Chef on “Skew On The Bar B”. On that track it was magic seeing a Wu member on a track with everyone’s favorite ALT group and luckily and equally amazing this song was not some reach to do it again. It feels normal to hear the three men together and all parties come away with a strong output. Not sure why this song didn’t make Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty and thanks to the world wide web I’m not losing any sleep over that thought. This feels so good and I felt like I was back to listening to Outkast as a whole who to me was always the most original and creative group in Hip Hop.

Non Hip Hop album Rumer Seasons Of My Soul

rumer cover

Here is another album I have to thank listening to The Strand for, Seasons Of My Soul is a slow melodic album. I’ve heard people complain that this album is too slow and or is depressing… It is just that really, but it’s also soulful and full of life even if it’s somehow a sad one. Most of the songs sound like what we would here in the 70’s yet refreshing to the ear at the same time. Rumer isn’t presented to us as listeners as some female with an old soul or someone offering us a vintage sound she is just being her. There is an openness to Seasons Of My Soul that is undeniable as soon as you hear it. This album may have gotten so much love for just being different during a time when radio and the industry has made it a priority to make everything sound the same, really I heard a Pink and Christina Aguilera song that fit right in with what radio is playing and I have always respected both women for the distinct sound they each have. Back to my original point, this is one of the best albums of 2010 and will be a must have for years to come.

Non Hip Hop song The Foreign Exchange Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me : Yeah I’m not considering Foreign Exchange as Hip Hop

This song is ill from the beat to the lyrics and the fact Phonte sounds better than a lot of so called singers in R&B is crazy because he spits better than a lot of so called rappers. The Nicolay beat is breezy and the song is honest and sincere. As soon as you hear it the song will stick with you all day. “Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me” has been on my mp3 since I ripped it my computer and put the CD up in the cut. Phonte keeps it up he and Nicolay will get a Grammy or at the least that nomination.

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