Day 4 of what I think was hot this year

Hip Hop Album Leftback Little Brother
LB Leftback

One of the new millennium BEST Hip Hop group, Little Brother, dropped their last group album this year and went out right. This is album is the best of what Hip Hop has to offer.  From the guest to the content Little Brother gave listeners many topics and angles to present them. Rapper Pooh and Phonte may not go down in Hip Hop history as one of the better two man tandems in our music but they deserve to. If this was the era where being nice and having something to say was what got you respect LB would be there with Mobb Deep, De La, EPMD, Smif-N-Wessun, and countless others. Not saying to those who love Hip Hop they’re not going to go down as one the best groups of the decade just saying it would be nice if more people knew how good these guys are. LB came in and from their first The Listening to Leftback  and seem to do their music the way they wanted and Leftback is one of the best albums this year.

Hip Hop song Tigallo For Dolo Little Brother

Keeping with LB I present to you what has become many people theme song hands down. “Tigallo For Dolo” is brilliant, honest, and real as it will ever get. The bars in this song are the stuff one says to him or her self alone or within a small circle of friends. The Khrysis produced track makes it even better because it’s not some over proced stylized beats, it’s just pure Boom Bap and grimy which leaves the door open for such realness that Phonte gives the listener. I remember when I first it I just agreed with every single line that was spoken. If I had to say what the best song of this year is. It would be this one. I know I’m not the person who controls what radio,BET, Hip Hop magazines and websites will call the best song of the year, I do know this should be in that race.

Non Hip Hop Album: New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh

New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh

Badu is always someone you can count on even when you’re not feeling the album it still is good. I like most, ANY man who saw “Window Seat” liked it. Even if the sound was on mute. I enjoyed and loved the depth of the video and felt the song completely. I jumped on the  New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh  As always Badu has the goods beat wise and lyrics are just as on point. The sound this albums isn’t anything new for her but is refreshing but the standard of what is labeled as hot today. The rehashing of the “Get Money” sample even sounds fresh on here. Of course this isn’t the best Erykah Badu album or even when it comes to R&B this year, it is however one the most unique albums. I respect that Badu continues to play by her own rules while other who have been in the game as long as her tent to try to cater to the younger audience


Non Hip Hop song Tighten Up The Black Keys

 I first heard a sample of “Tighten Up” by The Black Keys on a radio show and thought I was listening to some old song being played because it sounds so ill in a manner you rarely hear at all these days. Now being honest I didn’t know the name of the group or the song so when a friend sent the song to my email I assumed it was some old school type funk band remaking the Archie Bell classic. Of course I was wrong and glad to be on the real because this song is my shit. From the sound to switch halfway and just the over all feeling of the song is great. It’s just like some funky rock blues song, I’m saying Blues because of the repeating the last line the lead singer does. Not sure how many people are up on The Black Keys but this group has a something to offer.


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