Day 5, 6 and 7 of What I think was hot this year.

I don’t post shit too much on weekends so I’m playing catch up.

Hip Hop: DJ Premier Get Used Us

get used to us album cover

 For all those who had been waiting for something, anything from Year Round Records. Well Preem hit us the compilation that even if was just a few weeks ago it quickly became my shit. From hearing legends like KRS, Puba, Eiht, Blaq Poet, Tef and Freddie Foxxx still bringing the heat and his artists who handled their business made this album hot. Switching his style up but not really losing the hard edge Preem shows the Boom Bap is still alive.

Hip Hop: Bun B. Trill O.G.


Bun B. Dropped one of the best southern Hip Hop albums this year to me, one reason is because he’s from the era where having lyrics meant something. Even when the best are typical South Hip Hop the verses make it head and shoulders above the rest like on “Countin Money”, “Lights, Camera, And Action” and “Snow Money”.  Even when I wasn’t feeling the beats or the hook like on “Ridin Slow” the verses kept it dope. I wish more southern rappers could spit like Bun B., if they could they could get away with talking about anything or the same one track mind shit they seem to never stray too far from. Real Hip Hop heads know Bun B. can kill shit all day and this album is more proof.

Hip Hop: Black Milk Album Of The Year
album of the year


Detroit keeps it coming when it comes to beats and rhymes with Black Milk who just keeps coming with heat. I really didn’t want to cop 365 at first, not for no real reason just wasn’t planning on getting it. I heard a few tracks and had to get it and I enjoyed it all day. Not to be fair the flow can become repetitive but the beats keep it fresh. “Dealdy Medley” has me waiting to for the ill Elzhi, Royce and Milk album even more. The album has knock, unbelievable knock, and from people I know I can say is going unheard like most of my picks this year.

Hip Hop song: Battle Cry Joell Ortiz

Joell Ortiz has been killing shit all year and this song puts his skills on display in on some old fashion just go til the beat stop type shit. I remember every old school album seem to have that one song with a long ass verse of nothing but heat, this falls in line with that kind of shit. Unlike Lil Wayne who can go all day too everything Joell spits is on point from the opening bars to the last line. “Battle Cry” has nothing but quotable floating through it.  Haven’t gotten the album yet but I’m getting it soon.

Hip Hop song 5% KRS and Grand Puba

I love this song not just because it’s a throw back to when MCs said shit worth listening to but because MCs are saying shit worth listening to. The beat grew on me and as I’ve said before it sounds like a better version of a beat on the same album but after that hang up it’s all ill shit. From the hook which is so simple no gimmick and to the point to the way KRS One breaks it down on how it got popping without really getting too deep into details on the 5% nation. Puba drops in on the last verse and makes it even iller than it already is as he breaks numbers down for us.

Hip Hop: Song In Cold Blood The Game

This song is just ill point blank hands down. I fuck with The Game off and on and this is one those moments where I’m like dude did his thing. For about two months I was just spitting the hook to this song. Everything about this track works  to what I found out was Busta on the hook, I thought it was a movie quote or some reggae song but it’s Busta… Damn do you get paid for just saying 5 words, well those 5 words are in the whole damn song as well as the title so I guess so right?

Non Hip Hop Album: Broken Social Scene: Forgiveness Rock Record


I’m not going to say I heard of this band before 2010 at all so I really have no idea about the band at all, I am now checking their old shit out now though. I can say I like this album, it’s different and I rarely say this fun. The strange (in a good way) array of songs kept me off balance the first listen then it made sense by the third go round. I have songs I play way more than others of course and those really bare no resemblance to one another. I fuck with “Art House Director” and “All To All” hard. Like I said the album feels good to the ears if this is what you’re into. I feel like I’ve come across a lot of good music this year and most of have been new releases and this is proof good music is good music.

Non Hip Hop Album: Gil Scott Heron: I’m New Here


The legendary Gil Scott Heron returned this year with something that sounds soulful, bluesy and well… Gil Scott Heron. I gave even more respect to Gil Scott because he could have easily went the Hip Hop route but he chose to deliver like he would have back in the day. I mean the intro and outro gives the feel I’m New Here would be another poet/spoken word album fused with Hip Hop… Not at all. “I’m New Here” comes off like a song you’d here in a bar from someone expressing himself in a random story that is a rhetorical question. “Where Did The Night Go” kinda sums of most of nights. This album isn’t what you would expect but what you will respect and  it is where the man is in his life. See why his words are up there with Dylan, Lennon, Gaye, Mayfield, Hathaway, Wonder.

Non Hip Hop Album: Janelle Monae : Archandroid


The album is just spacey, cool, deep and great. The more I listen to it the more I’m hoping this becomes the template for many artists down the road. The open bravery to not make trying and merging different styles of music some gimmick is beautiful. Here is someone who truly has made a concept album. If I had to pick a negative comment it has nothing to do with her music but the hope that she hasn’t painted herself into a corner. This album is in a world alone to itself but  people may expect this kind of outing on the next album. Me personally I’m enjoying this album now and not worrying about what she will do next time.

Non Hip Hop song: Janelle Monae Neon Valley Street

“May this song reach your heart”…. What A wonderful sentiment. Everything about this song is great, the breezy keys and light strings to the vocals. When I get to this song I play it a few times just cause it’s so good to me. I can’t figure out why I like this so much and I’m not going to pick at that thought at all either. It makes for a great song for some movie as a soundtrack track or some Disney type flick. I fuck with Janelle and this song is a major reason why.

Non Hip Hop song: Jaheim Find My Way Back

I remember just for reasons unknown to me I figured to listen to the radio and see what’s hot on the charts. The one song that had me thrown for a loop was “Find My Way Back”. Since I didn’t  know Jaheim was doing his thing I figured some young dude tapped into that untouched market of men sounding like men and dropped a good song. It was Jaheim and dude still making them hot joints. I haven’t gotten the album yet but I might have to check it out on Amazon before I get it just because I like this song.

Non Hip Hop song Fourplay feat Ruben Studdard Love TKO

I know Jazz somehow is something people just seem not gravitate to it at all anymore but I still love it. So I heard a version of the great Teddy Pendergrass classic “Love TKO” and like it. It was jazzy and I didn’t know who was singing at all, so I did my google thing and found out it was Fourplay and the singer was Big Ruben Studdard. I like this song just like I love the original sing, I mean it’s a jazzy version of the song not that different at all from the original. It’s nice to hear Ruben doing his thing,


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